My brain may explode…

Last night, I was trying to figure out what to make after completing the carousel, and debating the construction of a Ferris wheel, when the build area was suddenly invaded by a host of Minecraft “names”, including alefnull, Teddanator (aka Teddy), SatoriLove, Mhykol, and Eric “The Shaft/Dead Workers Party” Fullerton… It was a heck of a shock to suddenly have an audience, taking a look at my work! Everyone had something complimentary to say (which is always comforting when you’ve worked on a build), and alefnull’s “Astra, you win” was especially cheering 🙂

I voiced the suggestion that I build the Ferris wheel, and when that met with approval, I went to work, aided by Teddy (who has lots of lovely charts of circles that I must steal ask for copies of), who got to work on the circular sections.

Then, to my utter surprise and delight, none other than ez came onto the server, and joined all of us who were hanging out at the carousel site! I mean, having the chance to hang out with Minecraft celebs is great, doing so with Eric (and also, the other day, with Brent Copeland) brings it up to awesome, but ez being there too, playing Minecraft and chatting with us, cranked it up all the way to epic! If I sound like a total Minecraft fanboi, that’s because I am – no apologies for it 😉 I was also rather blown away when ez complimented my Pac-Man skin (so glad I kept it!)…

While Teddy and I toiled over the Ferris wheel, Ironfruit sparked a wonderful chain reaction on the hills behind me when he made a blocky flower out of wool… Eric seized upon the idea, and got to work himself on adding to the botanical magic. Soon, SatoriLove, ez and the others pitched in, and a Garden of Loveliness (my name – I don’t know if they all named it) soon formed:

The Garden of Loveliness

The Garden of Loveliness, sparked off by Ironfruit's creativity.

My particular favourite in the garden is Satori’s cute bee with the glass wings 🙂

In the midst of all of this, there was a side-visit to shroomgirl’s latest creations (a delightful pair of very ornate rugs), and visits from HojjoshMC and BitBurner – even tiniestbit (BitBurner’s daughter) got to meet ez, which was too cute for words 🙂

But we also found that ez is a sneaky one, pushing people off viewing platforms, encasing them in wool (I had a narrow escape there myself), or spleefing dirt towers when people were trying to build! I didn’t escape that last one, incidentally… McSugar (aka Ghada) does the same sort of thing, and I wonder if one had been giving lessons to the other 😉 Now, I can’t accurately speak for anyone other than myself, but it was an honour for you to try to kill me in-game, ez 😉 Good thing I had “god mode” on, though!

Meanwhile, back at the wheel construction, Teddy was helping to finalise the design of the seats, while ez noticed that the colours I’d chosen for the seats inadvertently started to form a rainbow, which I knew I had to finish off (magenta and pink are now officially part of the rainbow, because I say so :P). After that, Teddy and ez helped add torches to the outside of the wheels, while Eric hid cake in one of the seats, and challenged people to find it (Teddy managed to break off torch placement just long enough to win that challenge).

I for one had an absolute blast (and the tweets which followed suggested I wasn’t alone in enjoying ez’s visit), but alas, all good things must come to an end. While ez headed out for the night, the rest of the group went off to go and give each other a good fragging in the Friday Frag Fest, leaving Teddy and I to finish off the Ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel - side/rear shot

The finished Ferris wheel - side/rear shot

The ferris wheel - front view

Front view of the Ferris wheel, showing Teddanator's rail design.

So she and I were alone when I placed the finishing touches: a pair of signs commemorating who worked on the build…

ez was here. No, really, she was.

ez was here. No, really, she was. I have witnesses and everything.

Thanks to ez, and all the Minecraft crème de la crème who let me hang out with them!

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