About The Minecraft Scribe…

I’m Mark Cooper, and I’m an Englishman who transplanted to the USA in 2005. As for Minecraft, I became hooked on Mojang Specifications’ wondrous game late in 2010. Since then, when I’m not up to my neck in lava, I’ve been writing and drawing various Minecraft-related things, as well as making frequent contributions to The Shaft podcast (they might say “incessant contributions”). Any time you hear Mark Cooper, or Astragali, mentioned by the show’s hosts… that’s me.

You can also find me on Twitter, under the name @AstragaliUSA (@Astragali was taken by some Italian theatre company – I’m sure they’re wonderful).

As for the posts themselves, they’ll most likely be ranging from my personal wish list of things that I’d like added to Minecraft, to more silly writings and pictures as the mood takes me, and opinions about how the game is progressing towards full release. I hope you’ll like them.



One Response to About The Minecraft Scribe…

  1. Olives says:

    You and Kristal should totally join Wedge and I in our adventures, we were planning a series. 😀


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