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FTB: Bees, and tanks, and hydras – oh my!

One “problem” that Kristal and I have with Feed The Beast is that, with all of the additions the mod pack provides, it’s way too easy to be pulled in several directions at once… For example, I mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Help Pixie the Cat – and get a game in the process!

My friends WelshPixie and Rustybroomhandle are a lovely couple, as well as being avid Minecrafters, and chief admins of IndieSquish and the EFX3 blog portal through which you are seeing this ‘ere bloggy. WelshPixie in particular has been hugely helpful … Continue reading

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Feed the Beast? Feed the BEES, maybe…

OK, so it’s been a bloody long time since I last wrote anything for the blog, and I apologise for that. The fact of the matter is that I’d been getting rather jaded with Minecraft – disastrous for a self-styled … Continue reading

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