To The Sky(lands)!

(A parenthetical apology: This video was released on YouTube five days ago at the time of writing, and I’ve been shamefully slack in taking so long to review it…)

HatVentures! in Minecraft Title Screen

They're back... they're back! Let there be rejoicing throughout the land...

They promised they’d be back, and they are! The guys from HAT Films have returned with a new series of HatVentures!, this time adventuring in the vast Skylands map. If you’re not familiar with this particular map, it’s well worth a look – a collection of themed, floating islands, replete with dungeons, treasure huts and multiple spawn points. The only time you’ve seen more of the Void than this is when a multiplayer game take longer than usual to load…

So we have Doctor Trottimus Walrusface, Djh3max and resident pyromaniac alsmiffy, known particularly for their robust, gung-ho attitude, running around on a world with sudden drops into nothingness. Let the shenanigans commence!

Episode 1 sees the HatVenturers exploring the Rustic Sky spawning area, starting off at night. That’s either mighty brave, or… well, let’s not consider the alternative, shall we? But the map’s creator hasn’t left visitors empty-handed, although I’m not sure he had alsmiffy in mind when he left a flint and tinder in a treasure chest…

Since about the middle of the previous series, the HatVentures! episodes have been bigger and beefier (with added protein and vitamins for a glossy coat); given the size of the Skylands map, it’s just as well that they went that way. Of course, longer episodes are all well and good, if you’ve got enough entertaining content to fill them. As ever, the trio does not disappoint in this regard – my favourite scene (don’t worry: no spoilers as such) is when Trottimus plunges down through the ceiling into battle, yelling, “Who ordered the Doctor?” The episode is a great start to the new series, and holds the promise of much more fun and misadventures… If you didn’t see HAT Films’ previous treks in Minecraft worlds – where have you been?

Judging by the size of the Skylands map, we’re in for a good, long run of HatVentures! episodes in this series – and you know that makes me happy!

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