All the fun of the fair!

Having encountered Shroomgirl’s artwork on the Minecrap server, there were two ways I could have reacted: either utter jealousy, or becoming inspired to make more ambitious constructions than I’d been previously creating. Fortunately, I followed the latter course, and got to work on making a carousel…

My original intention was to try to emulate a real-life carousel as closely as the blockiness of Minecraft would permit, but frankly, my effort to create a horse left much to be desired… Then, inspiration hit: I’d use the Minecraft animals instead – and it helps that there are four land-based ones to work with!

Now, as you’ll see in a moment, my renditions of the farm animals are not exact copies of their moving counterparts – had I done that, the carousel would have been monstrous! But with the help of Teddanator, I think I had them looking pretty decent.

Real-life carousels don’t just have horses (of course, of course): they have vehicles, too – and since the Minecraft theme was already established by then, it made sense to use minecarts. Bluenokkad ended up helping, here – his polite assessment of my effort was that the minecart looked more like a bathtub! So, between us, we arrived at a closer approximation, though it was complicated by my decision to put them at a 45-degree angle relative to the animals. Then it was time for Bluenokkad to work some WorldEdit magic, copying, rotating and pasting the minecarts so I didn’t have to build four of the blessed things. I got up high above the scene, to try to ensure they were correctly lined up.

Further complications were provided by the fact that I was blocking out the light with the upper section of the carousel, so mobs were spawning! On the separate occasions that I was working on the construction, Teddanator and Bluenokkad were suddenly drafted into fending them off (not that it mattered that much, since I was in “god” mode). One creeper seemed to rather enjoy one of the minecarts that I’d forgotten to add the torches to…

After the placing of many, many torches around the upper structure, I decided that the carousel was sufficiently gaudy to declare it finished – and here it is!

My carousel on the Minecrap server - daytime

My carousel, in all its gaudy, Minecrafty glory.

My carousel on the Minecrap server - night-time.

With so many lights, there had to be a night shot.

If you happen to be a visitor to the Minecrap server, you’ll find it (unsurprisingly) at the warp point “carousel”. Please note that you need to be about 21 feet tall to ride!

This construction would have been rather shabby, were it not for the efforts of Teddanator and Bluenokkad – so, many thanks to both of you, and you each get free rides on the carousel for life ๐Ÿ˜‰

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2 Responses to All the fun of the fair!

  1. layla says:

    Awesome xxx


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