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Minecraft Craftiness with Madmommy!

Avid Minecrafter and real-life crafter Madmommy brought her skills to bear when her five-year-old son wanted to join in the Minecrafting fun. He’s presently too young to play the game on a computer, so she hunted for an alternative, found … Continue reading

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A little logic with food, please…

The logic of the inventory system in Minecraft is, by necessity, topsy-turvy. Stone is bloody heavy in real life (I’ll show you just how heavy, later), and if Minecrafters were forced to move one block at a time from their … Continue reading

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Beta 1.3 – My View…

As promised/forewarned/threatened last week, Beta 1.3 has arrived, with a host of new features (and bugs, but it’s all part of the process). And, as usual, the Twitterverse went nuts; I imagine the rest of the Minecraft community reacted the … Continue reading

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There's GOLD in them thar hills! So what?

A particular frustration of mine, and it seems to be shared with a good number of Minecrafters, is the singular uselessness of gold within the game to date. A quick look on the Minecraft Wiki shows that gold can be … Continue reading

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More Linkages!

I realised today that I’d made a rather egregious error with my post about links: I’d neglected to include Bob Mills in the Friends category! So, here goes: Bob Mills – site: YouTube channel I don’t know if Bob would … Continue reading

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Minecraft officially coming to iOS and Android

I seem to be finding out all sorts of cool stuff via those I follow on Twitter, these days. It was reported on there that Gamasutra published news that Minecraft is officially coming to iOS. So Mojang’s plan for addicting … Continue reading

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CAPRICE – possibly the world's first meat-powered pseudo-random number generator!

I have an absolute ton of redstone taking up storage space in a chest, and I was wanting to have a go at making something simple out of redstone, so I that I could learn redstone circuitry. The result, aside … Continue reading

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