Kristal's RV Update 3

(Side note, before I begin: Apologies for the lack of Minecraft updates. As it is, my graphics card is powering up but not actually working, so I’ve had to remove it. Playing any sort of game, other than browser-based games – and sometimes, not even them – is impossible, for the foreseeable future. Still, at least my computer can do what I need it to do, even if it can’t do what I want it to do.)

So, Kristal was able to get most of the repairs done, and get off the property before the October 1 eviction deadline. But there’s still a broken window that needs to be fixed, along with the exhaust. That last one’s a biggie: it’s shoving so much carbon monoxide into the vehicle that it’s setting the detectors off 😦

Kristal’s presently ensconced at her friend Dorothy’s place. But ultimately, Kristal may need to move at any time after her knee surgery at the end of the month. Dorothy’s been a great friend to Kristal, but having a severely disabled person stay on the property is a huge thing even to ask of a long-time friend or partner, and Kristal’s only actually known Dorothy for a few weeks.

This is just part of what your donations have wrought. THANK YOU!

This is just part of what your donations have wrought. THANK YOU!

Between the lot rental at the campground, food, gasoline, her medications, insurance and taxes, she desperately needs to raise that remaining $6,000. It’ll buy her about a year of time, hopefully safe and free from unwarranted stresses – and the campground apparently has Internet, so that’ll be her lines of communication properly open again, and one less thing to have to pay for. Without the money, she’ll be reduced to parking on back roads and places like Wal-Mart parking lots – and she’s in no fit state to defend herself if an intruder gets in.

In the absence of a willing soul who can put up $6,000 in one great lump (oh, if only), Kristal’s GoFundMe campaign is still ongoing – and Kristal has more-detailed updates over there, too (the last one was done via her smartphone, so it took a while!). And a huge thank you to all those who have donated so far! If you can spare just a few dollars, that’s absolutely fine, and always appreciated.

And if you’d prefer to donate items instead, Kristal’s Amazon Wishlist is still open, with details of the items she needs for the RV and day-to-day living.

Whether you’re able to donate or not, please consider spreading the word. You can link people either to this blog post, or to the GoFundMe campaign directly.

Thank you from both of us.

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