Kristal's RV Update 2

Thanks to a thunderstorm in North Carolina taking out at least Kristal’s router, she doesn’t presently have Internet – and may not get it again before she moves; she’s been occasionally tweeting from her phone, but she has a data cap, so she’s trying to be careful, and has asked me to get in touch with all of you. So here’s a mini-update!

Kristal has been able to buy an RV, and it’s now with her in NC. And she had something of a close call while bringing it back home: a front tyre blew out, and the spare was bad, too. All seven tyres need to be replaced, at a cost of around $1,300. Beyond that, there are other repairs: generator hook-up, brakes, a tune-up, possibly the suspension… so the overall repair bill is going to be in excess of $2,000.

Kristal’s GoFundMe campaign still has a little under $6K to go before completion – if you can donate, please do so. Any donation is gratefully received! If you’re not in a position to donate, don’t feel bad, but please consider spreading the word instead. It’s just as important, and you might reach someone who can chip in.

I should also mention that, if you prefer to donate supplies instead of money, that’s also great! Kristal’s Amazon Wishlist has details of the items she needs for the RV, and for day-to-day living.

From both of us, a huge thank-you.

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