Kristal's RV campaign: an update

OK, since trying to keep up with the events of the RV campaign has wreaked havoc on Kristal physically, she’s asked me to update all of you with the way things stand so far.

First of all, a MASSIVE thank you to all the donators, as well as the people who have been spreading the word like wildfire. If you’ve been able to do either or both of these things, your contribution is important and valued! 🙂 Also, special thanks to KaeyiDream for making a video explaining the situation and rallying her followers; Wedgehog for doing the same; LadyAijou for gathering up a bunch of streamer friends to stream for the whole week to raise money; and the streamers themselves: GruntCatcher; SniperPanda, Ziffx; NGJSOfficial; DirtyGamesNetwork; Moojack; Heyfunny; and The Shaft Podcast’s Brent Copeland! The streaming is going on for the rest of the week, and you can find it at the Streaming For Kristal Twitch channel.

Next comes stuff that’s not so awesome. Kristal will be unable to stay on the property after October 1st. Kristal and I are hoping that she’ll have an RV by then, but it’s by no means certain.

Also, it was expected that the case would be decided in December. However, the lawyers in North Carolina haven’t respond to Kristal’s attorney’s office, and it’s unknown if the case has actually been moved from Virginia to NC. So that most likely means that December is out of the question, and will probably end up being late 2015 – meaning Kristal will have to live in the RV for longer than she was expecting.

So the goal is now $20,000, because Kristal’s going to need to deal with upkeep costs for longer. If you can donate, please do so, over at Kristal’s GoFundMe page. Once again: Even if you can only donate a single dollar, that helps to build the total, and every donation is appreciated.

If you’d rather donate items, there’s the Amazon Wishlist that Kristal set up, to get things for the RV (such as grab bars, detergent, bowls, etc).

If you can’t do either, please don’t feel bad, but do spread the word on social media – it’s just as important as donating, and it helps get the word out to those who might be in a better position to donate.

Thank you, all of you, for all that you’ve done so far. Hopefully, between us all, we can reach the new target.

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One Response to Kristal's RV campaign: an update

  1. Kristal Crow says:

    Thanks to everyone, and to Mark for putting this up, I’m a physical wreck from doing too much (Panda, don’t yell at me!). Just have a lot to get done in a limited amount of time! All the help and kindness I’ve been shown – I can’t properly express my gratitude. Thank you all ❤


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