TheCrystalCrow needs your help again, please.

If you can donate even just one dollar, please do so, over at Kristal’s GoFundMe page. If you can’t afford to donate, that’s OK – but please spread the word instead. And so many people have commented that their donation is “not a lot”. That’s not true at all: every dollar donated is appreciated, and received by Kristal with love and thanks.

Back in January 2012, Kristal Crow (my partner, and fellow gamer) managed to get a lifeline thrown to her by the generous donations from the Minecraft community and beyond, securing her $600 to buy a camper, and avoid having to bed down in her van.

For these past two years, Kristal’s camper (and, of course, Kristal) has been parked on a relative’s land. But now, her relative wants to sell the house and move back to New York state. That’s not an option for Kristal…

Now, Kristal’s been trying to be awarded Disability payments for the last few years, and she’s been turned down twice; her attorney’s now at the stage of suing the Federal government. And although Disability is a federal program, it’s administered at state level. When Kristal began her claim, she was in Virginia, but she’s had to move it to North Carolina, because that’s now where she lives. Moving from NC would cause all manner of problems, so if her relative does manage to sell the house and move to New York, it’s going to leave Kristal up the creek without a paddle. And the camper, which wasn’t in great shape to begin with, is falling apart at the seams. It’s not even certain whether it would survive a single move to a new location, let alone several moves, if she’s not able to find someone willing to let her park up for the duration. And Kristal had to sell the aforementioned van a year ago, in order to be able to afford medication.

Pretty much her last option, while she continues to wait on the glacial pace of the justice system, is to buy a used Class C RV. They’re not huge, but it’s more than what Kristal has at the moment, and it would be a huge improvement on the camper. Kristal’s established that it would cost about $7,000 to get one via Craigslist, with another $2,000-$3,000 to sort out taxes, fees, titling, registration, plates, insurance and gas, with a little left to live on. Yes, this is a lot to ask – and it’s taken Kristal a huge effort to even put up the campaign page: she was brought up never to ask anything for herself, so doing so is humbling and painful. Yet, over the years, she’s been helping raise money for all sorts of people and causes – including me. And I can’t provide the money myself, because I’ve been unemployed for close to two and a half years, now. Believe me, I damn well would if I could. But I can spread the word for my beloved Crow.

Please donate if you can. Thank you.

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