HojjoshMC and Aureylian: All kinds of Crafty…

OK, so I’ve dropped off the radar somewhat with this blog (again; sorry!), but I came across something yesterday in the Minecraft community that was just too good to pass up… I’ve been a fan of HojjoshMC’s (Josh McLemore) parodies of contemporary songs for quite some time, and when I saw (thanks to thecrystalcrow’s tweet) that he’d teamed up with Aureylian to make a parody of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, called Crafty, I got excited before I even clicked the link 🙂 Aurey has done some great work – I especially loved her gorgeous rendition of Survive The Night, with Approaching Nirvana – so I had really high hopes for how Crafty would turn out.

Aurelyian getting all kinds of Crafty up in here, with the help of HojjoshMC!And I was not disappointed: Crafty is simply excellent, and I even went so far as to tell Josh – truthfully – that his parody was better than Weird Al’s Handy (which came out the day before Crafty debuted). There are times when people come together to collaborate on a project, and the whole thing just works – the fit between all the individual parts is so good. Crafty is the result of one of those times. Josh’s lyrics are sharp, and he raps like a boss (as always). And it was a great move to turn the song into a duo! Aureylian, on singing duties and “spoken backing highlights” (sorry, I don’t know if there’s a proper technical term; just listen to the song to see what I’m babbling about) does a first-class job, and Palmmute’s production just makes the whole thing sound sweeeeet! Top it off with a cool video by Minecraft4Meh, and boom!

Long story short: You NEED Crafty in your playlist! And if you want to do just that, you can pick up the single at iTunes – do it!

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