Venting about vent blocks

Since the introduction of slime blocks in the 14w02 snapshots, I’ve been thinking about something else that I’d like to see implemented in the game: vent blocks! The thing is, we’ve had a quick way of getting down, ever since someone discovered the wonders of the water drop (and the slime blocks now make it more fun). But we don’t have a method of getting back up that’s easy to construct; I tried making one of those piston-based elevators once, and got my usual Redstone Headache.

So here’s how the vent block would work: if players, mobs or items were detected in the block adjacent to the vent block’s air hole, it would be shoved a distance of up to fifteen blocks (right-click the vent block to bring up the configuration UI). Of course, you’d be able to place the block so that it can blow air in any of the six directions, and that would help to make elevators. Blast someone upwards 15 blocks, right one, up 15 more, and so on 😀

And right after thinking about changing the orientation of a vent block, I realized some of the other possibilities that the vent block could be used for…

For example, on Krash Palisades (Meles’ great private server I presently play on with Kristal), we have an XP farm constructed from a skeleton spawner, and it uses a water elevator to bring the skeletons away from the spawner and into position. All too often, skeletons drown if they take too long to ascend. The vent block would remove that issue.

Using the same sort of principle as the elevator, you’d be able to have a rudimentary substitute for item pipes. Of course, I’d still love to have pipes and tanks à la Feed The Beast, but let’s not get into that right now 😉

Defending your home or base is another possibility: have an entrance with a vent block placed at foot-level. Humans would be able to jump over the air block, but mobs would be blasted to their doom!

Then there’s adventure maps… especially if you add nasty little surprises like being shoved into a solid block (which would only be possible if the block beneath it was air)! And once Sethbling got his hands on vent blocks, anything could happen! (It usually does with him, which is awesome :D)

I’d love to hear what you think about this idea, so leave a response in the comments below!

UPDATE: Since posting this article, Meles nudged me in the direction of docm77’s video about a Slime Block Player Elevator, and it looks really impressive! Thanks for that, Meles! 😀

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2 Responses to Venting about vent blocks

  1. Meles says:

    It’s true, one of the saddest days for Minecraft was the day they nerfed water ladders (possibly sadder then when they nerfed booster carts)
    great idea for a replacement mechanic right here though 😀


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