Help Pixie the Cat – and get a game in the process!

My friends WelshPixie and Rustybroomhandle are a lovely couple, as well as being avid Minecrafters, and chief admins of IndieSquish and the EFX3 blog portal through which you are seeing this ‘ere bloggy. WelshPixie in particular has been hugely helpful to me and my friends, in bad times and good. So I thought I’d return some of the kindness she’s shown me, now that she and Rusty are in a bit of a bind.

Here’s the thing: Pixie, one of their cats, just had to have a serious eye operation, which came to $950 – and there are also follow-up costs with the vet, for which they don’t yet have the money. They got a bank loan for the initial $950, but they’d naturally like to get that debt off their backs as soon as possible, as well as being able to deal with the upcoming costs.

But rather than simply asking for donations, WelshPixie and Rusty have set up an Indiegogo campaign, with Rusty creating “Pixie, The Psychedelicolor Dream Cat”, a 2D infinite-runner platformer (Windows/Mac/Linux) with their beloved kitteh as the main character, “lots of gratuitous rainbows, and as much crazy stuff as [Rusty] can cram into a little game”. The perks of backing the campaign are as follows:

  • $2 (just $2!) will get you the game itself;
  • $5 gets you a credit in the game;
  • $10 gets you “TroLLLs”, an interactive fiction about three trolls who are sent to make peace with a nearby human tribe;
  • $50 will result in you being named as one of the good guys who give out treats to Pixie during the game.

Of course, as with most (if not all) Indiegogo/Kickstarter-type campaigns, backing at a higher level nets you all the goodies from the lower levels.

Naturally, their main goal is the $950 – should they get more than that, it’ll go towards the follow-up costs (check-ups, second operation, medications). So there are some stretch goals, too, part of which relates to Rusty’s game-creating activities:

  • If they reach $2,500, the number of assets in the game will be doubled, providing more things to shoot, more themes – more of everything, really;
  • Should they reach $5,500, then as well as being able to pay for Pixie’s treatment, Rusty will be able to port the game to iOS and Android – the costs are for Unity Pro, and the licences for the two portable platforms. And it means that Rusty can make MOAR GAMEZ;
  • If they break even that total, then WelshPixie and Rusty plan to ask the eye doctor if they can donate the excess to help others who end up in the same financial situation as them. If the money is refused, then it’ll be given to a cheetah sanctuary just ten minutes down the road from where WelshPixie and Rusty live.

Now, I’m not sending out this appeal for help without having dipped in my pocket, too – I’ve backed them to the tune of $5 (I don’t have a huge amount of money myself). I’m really hoping that lots of Scribe readers will be willing to help out, too. At the time of writing, $344 has been raised, with 30 days left to go. You can find out more details about the campaign over at the Indiegogo page!

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2 Responses to Help Pixie the Cat – and get a game in the process!

  1. WelshPixie says:

    Wooh! Thank you, Mark ^.^


  2. pete little says:

    a good cause and one I was more than happy to donate to. Very pleased to see the donation total has nearly doubled!


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