Come show some love for BitBurner!

Starting at 2pm Eastern on Saturday 31 March (11am Pacific, 7pm UK), a number of Minecraft/YouTube personalities will be livestreaming video games for 24 hours in honour and support of BitBurner, one of the Minecraft community’s most giving and helpful members. Chris_W_2k5, BoneZ1771 and MrsBoneZ1771, AKSpartanKiller, UnknownDemon808, VanceCrafter, 79Shiv97, Opaque_Mango and The Shaft Podcast’s Brent Copeland are planning to stream for this event, and we’d love for you to stop by and show your love for the man himself! And if any of them are playing games I have (like, say, Minecraft), I might just stop by, too 😉

A few weeks ago, BitBurner suffered the theft of two laptops, pretty much ruining his chances to perform his mad DJing skillz at PlayOnCon in July, as well as hosting local DJing gigs. Those plans are back on track, now, thanks to the generosity of a fellow Minecrafter, who donated her old laptop to him. Now, his donation drive is aimed at supporting his music creation and DJing – so it’s not as if the money he’s hoping to raise is going into a massive sinkhole… The music that Bit creates is released for free, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only Licence – which means that people are permitted to not just download it, but also use it in their own works, even those intended for commercial gain. All they have to do, under the terms of the licence, is give a credit to him and link to… no need to worry about handing over royalties! In a time when the latest fad seems to be to sue anyone who comes within an inch of stealing intellectual property, Bit’s considerable largesse is a delightful, refreshing change.

Oh, and if you do donate via his Chip-In (the button is about a third of the way down the page of his blog post), Bit has promised special, early access to new music releases, as well as exclusive access to tracks which won’t be released anywhere else!

BitBurner has given so much of his time and effort in support of the Minecraft and gaming communities he loves, but doesn’t actually shout about it a great deal. He owns the Minecrap server and website, recorded the “Bit’s Blocks” Let’s Plays with his two daughters, Juneybug and TiniestBit, and has even thrown DJing parties at Club Ravine on Minecrap, with the aid of the Spout client to allow proper music playing in the game! (RPGamer99’s footage from one such event can be found here). He’s also a huge supporter of family-based Minecraft play, and hosted a panel at last year’s Minecon on the subject 😀

I, for one, have been a recipient of Bit’s generosity: about nine months ago, upon learning that my creaky old Dell wasn’t really up to scratch in the gaming department, Bit set up a donation drive for me to either have a brand new PC, or simply raise enough money to have one of his old PCs (all of which were better than mine!) shipped to me, in the hopes that I’d be able to not only game better, but also record Let’s Plays and other videos – and I wasn’t even looking to have the machine replaced! The result was that I did, indeed, end up with one of his PCs… and it’s running rather nicely 🙂

And, a little after Thanksgiving, he hosted a server party in my honour – and quite a sizable number of people turned out for that 🙂 (BitBurner’s video; joshsdh’s video; Viprz13’s video)

So stop on by at the livestream next week, drop a few bucks into the hat for Bit, and let’s give something back to the man who’s given so much to so many people!

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