Loving what I do for The Shaft Podcast

Today, I woke up to find this message from The Shaft Podcast’s Wes Wilson in my Twitter feed:

The Shaft Podcast's Wes Wilson expresses his appreciation for my efforts.

The Shaft Podcast's Wes Wilson expresses his appreciation for my efforts.

… seconded by RPGamer99:

RPGamer99 seconds Wes' appreciation. Thanks, RP :)

RPGamer99 seconds Wes' appreciation. Thanks, RP!

… and I had another one of those little “SQUEE!” moments that I get every now and then 😀

I’ve been putting together the show notes for The Shaft for a little over five months, now, and it’s still thrilling to be playing such a significant part in making the show happen. I don’t always get it right, but when the hosts and the fans show their appreciation, I get nice little warm fuzzies inside 😀

Incidentally, regular listeners may find it a little corny when I put in Shoutouts to my partner, Kristal (thecrystalcrow, in case you’d forgotten :)), for helping out, but the fact is that she does a heck of a lot to help me out with the creation of the show notes (and I obtained permission from Brent and Eric, back in September, to seek external help from anyone if I needed it).

During the week, Kristal sends me links for The Minecraft Daily and Sightings, and almost every late Saturday/early Sunday, she and I sift through the Excavation Station ideas while in Skype, discussing and debating each idea that listeners send in, to see if they would be something that the guys can use as an entertaining jumping-off point (Kristal has a refrain during this part: “There’s a mod for it!”). Actually, I’m pretty sure Kristal puts in even more effort than I do! Anyway, even though I thank her every single week over Skype, I wanted to make sure that she’s credited publicly for the hard work she puts into the show, even though nobody’s twisting her arm into doing it 😀

Something I feel a little guilty about, despite the hosts saying they like it, is ­live-updating the notes during the show… The show notes are written up in Google Documents every week, and because of GDocs’ collaborative aspect (which I love), I’ve sometimes taken to jumping into the show notes to add stuff in reaction to what Wes, Eric and Brent are saying or doing. A lot of the time, it’s me in my “AstraWiki” guise, finding helpful information as fast as I can to keep the guys informed… but there was one occasion when I ended up typing YOU ARE HERE into the document, because Eric was a little… “over-jolly” (*cough*), and completely lost his place in the notes! Still, I would hope that if any of the guys got sick of me doing that sort of thing, they’d let me know pretty damn sharpish 😀

Helping Wes, Eric and Brent to create a show that people want to hear is a lot of fun, and I hope that I get to do it for as long as possible 😀

By the way: When I was asked to compile the show notes each week, I was under instruction to make sure that suggestions for Excavation Station weren’t repeated. So if anyone has the urge to suggest obsidian tools, pipes, food, stained glass, pipes, or lava boats… you might want to think about coming up with something else 😉

Over at my other blog, The Digital Quill, you’ll find me wondering why more fantasy authors don’t provide pronunciation guides in their books; and railing against the vicious practices of unscrupulous British landlords. Why not go take a look?
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One Response to Loving what I do for The Shaft Podcast

  1. No arm-twisting necessary-I watch a ridiculous amount of Minecraft videos (among all the other gaming stuffs I watch & read!), and I love helping out. Thanks for the thanks!


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