Happy 1st Birthday, Minecraft Scribe Blog!

Today is a special day! And no, I don’t mean Kristal Crow’s birthday – you know, although it is her birthday today as well, and that day is special, even if she doesn’t think so (*mutter*)… It’s also the birthday of this blog! 😀

As I’ve mentioned before, when BitBurner suggested that I create a blog for my Minecraft stuff, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t intending that I write actual articles… But it’s fun, and it’s led to me becoming part of the Minecraft community, as well as a lot of things for me – which you can find out about here (and that link also means I don’t have to type it all up again, as much as I do love writing blog posts :)).

Admittedly, I’ve not written so much here lately, though I intend for that to change, especially as I still seem to be getting 150 hits per day, even when I don’t write something – I need to give those visitors something new to read! And I’ll be hoping to write more at my second blog, The Digital Quill, as the months progress towards its birthday 🙂

Anyway, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone around the world who contributed to the 47,468 visits from 121 countries over the past year, and those readers who spread the word by retweeting links to articles. But especially, I’d like to thank two awesome people in particular – just as I did in one of my first posts: BitBurner for encouraging me to get started, and WelshPixie, who gave me a place to put my writings… Without them, there may not actually have been a blog in the first place!

I think I need to go buy the blog a cake and a present, now… 😉

If you’d like to read about my efforts to help start an Internet meme, or my adventures in a zombie-infested parody of The Oregon Trail, head on over to my other blog, The Digital Quill!
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2 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday, Minecraft Scribe Blog!

  1. Thefre says:

    Happy Birthday! What a convenient day to have a birthday.


  2. Farmer_Bo says:


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