Wondercraft Contest – win an epic avatar!

Yesterday, Wondercraft creator SamCube announced that he’s holding a contest, related to a new, super-secret comic he’s planning to work on… The prize? He will draw your Minecraft avatar, Wondercraft-style, and you’ll receive the copy of that original artwork via mail, and a PSD (Photoshop format) version of the digital artwork! You’ll also be credited in the comic as the creator of the concept 🙂

If you’ve not seen Sam’s renderings of Minecrafters’ avatars, you really should, because he puts a unique spin on every single one. So here, let me help you out with some links to YouTube videos of him at work: Mojang’s very own MinecraftChick and jnkboy; The Half-Bakes; and thecrystalcrow… Incidentally, I haven’t included the last one because of personal bias, but because Sam’s interpretation of Kristal’s avatar is epic 😀

Here's SamCube's rendition of thecrystalcrow.

Here's SamCube's rendition of thecrystalcrow. You should still watch the YouTube video, though - his process is awesome to behold...

Anyway, if you’ve been suitably impressed by what SamCube can do, you’re going to want to know what you have to do to enter his contest 🙂 Well, what Sam needs is inspiration: his story – which he says will feature game-geek and RPG references – is going to feature a relic. He doesn’t know what sort of relic to have, but he does know this: He wants the relic to have an awesome yet ridiculous power (and he helpfully provided an example to show you what he means).

As well as coming up with an epic name for this mighty relic, you’ll need to provide a short background description about the story of the item, as well as a description of its power (because he’s going to need something to work with).

A very important point, here: You can be inspired by existing artifacts, references and the like from games, movies, books, whatever… but they must NOT copy them! (last thing Sam needs is a copyright-infringement lawsuit!)

So, if you’ve got all that, head on over to the contest page at Wondercraft, and enter! Oh, yes: You can enter as many times as you like, but don’t spam him! The contest closes at 10pm Central European Time (GMT+1; EST+6) on Monday 30 January, so get cracking, and good luck!

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