New writing at The Digital Quill – plus some earlier stuff

New stuff over at The Digital Quill! On the awkwardness of fanboi-ism documents what it’s like to have those SQUEE moments when celebrities interact with you, even for just a moment – plus a couple of examples of how I’ve embarrassed myself around people I’ve placed on pedestals… Oh, and the article features Wil Wheaton! Thankfully, though, he doesn’t feature in the embarrassing anecdotes 🙂

Also, I’ve got my older non-Minecraft writings transferred over from Scribd, just in case you’ve not seen them:

First is Go the F*** to Sleep: Mad Scientist Edition, the parody that I wrote, with Kristal, of Adam Mansbach’s excellent Go the F*** to Sleep (as if you couldn’t tell from the title of my version). NSFW Advisory for language, unsurprisingly.

Next, an ultra-pedantic nerd tries hard to profess his love, but finds his desire to be romantic impeded by his need to be technically accurate: Too Much Nerd

Last of the trio, Coding Anecdotes (NSFW for language), is a recollection of computer programming in my high-school days and beyond (1989-1991 to be specific). In the article, you’ll find out some of the things my friends and I used to do to our Computer Science teacher, either to confound or frustrate her; and how I and my friend John Croucher pwned a 13-year-old kid who had an inflated idea of his own capabilities. There are more computing stories from that time period I could share, and I may well do so at a later date…

Go take a look! 🙂

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