Fist-Punching Wood

Originally published at Scribd on June 18, 2011

I’m often prone to odd thoughts, just as I wake up. This was the result of one such thought: I wanted to write a Minecraft parody of The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”. And now it’s a thing.

Incidentally, it wasn’t until I looked up the original lyrics online that I learned just how few lines there were to the song!

Fist-Punching Wood
or, “The Noob’s Tale”
(“Norwegian Wood”, sung by The Beatles)

I woke on the beach, in a strange land, no tools to hand,
I thrashed at a tree… Isn’t it good, fist-punching wood?

I crafted some planks and a workbench to fashion some picks
All that I needed were three lumps of wood and some sticks…

I mined all the day, my only goal: Finding some coal,
And then the sun set, in came the night – I had no light!

I heard a creeper, and I knew that I wouldn’t last
I tried to swing with my sword, but was killed in the blast…

And then I awoke, back at the spawn, all items gone
Start over again… Isn’t it good, fist-punching wood?

Original lyrics © John Lennon & Paul McCartney 1965
Parody lyrics © Mark A. Cooper 2011

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