Epic Build: Who will take The Golden Pick?

After weeks of anticipation – and announcements on The Shaft Podcaststephoswalk’s Minecraft reality contest, Epic Build, is finally under way with a two-hour opening episode!

Nine contestants started the challenge:

… but of course, only one will emerge as the winner of The Golden Pick. Over the course of the season, contestants will be voted out by the viewing public.

Each week, the builders will participate in two challenges: the Miner Challenge is a team-based exercise (Episode 1 required the contestants to try to survive for two Minecraft days), while the Major Challenge has the contestants working alone to build something in keeping with the specified theme.

Reality contests are nothing without judges, and for this series, Epic Build’s judging team is made up of RPGamer99, Atomsk648 and UnknownDemon. Behind the scenes, Nosirrah is doing his thing as moderator, Thefre ThiefKnight created the show’s logo, and I provided the voiceovers 🙂 Steph is, of course, working the camera!

But the show needs you, the Minecraft community, to cast your votes as to who you think should be the winner of each week’s contest. To do this, go to epicbuild.reddit.com and choose your favourite!

Good luck to all the contestants, and may the most epic builder win!

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