Madmommy, in stitches

I’ve written before about Madmommy and her excellent real-life crafting abilities, so it was pleasing to see that she is once again bending those talents in the direction of Minecraft – and this time, she’s taking commissions for cross-stitched items 😀

Madmommy's rendering of a pig for Mrs Luclin.

Madmommy's cross-stitched pig for Mrs Luclin.

She’s offering quite a few choices, and even giving people the option to have them framed:

  • Generic Minecraft mob or Steve: $15 unframed, $20 framed
  • Custom character: $25 unframed, $30 framed
  • Individualised Minecraft scene (1 character and 3 mobs): $60 unframed, $70 framed
    • Each additional mob: $10
    • Each additional character: $15

Oh, and the additional cost of framing is incredibly reasonable: I once enquired at a craft store about having one of my own cross-stitch items frame, and the cost was insane! >.<

A custom avatar: Vancecrafter (with pants)

A custom avatar: Vancecrafter (with pants)

As a cross-stitcher myself, I know it can sometimes be tricky to keep making sure that you’re not distorting the fabric so badly that you can’t get it straightened out, especially with large scenes. But judging by the pics (though I make no claim to be an expert, of course), Madmommy does a great job with her work, and it’s well worth the money 😀

So if you feel like preserving your Minecraft skin for posterity, get in touch with Madmommy at her blog!

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