Minecraft 1.1 – and an awesome seed…

As promised/threatened by Jeb yesterday, Minecraft 1.1 released today, with a nice little collection of updates and additions – and HAT Films made another trailer to go with it 😀 Of course, if you’re one of those users who likes to check out the weekly snapshots, much (if not all) of this will be of no news to you whatsoever, so you might want to jump to the bit about the awesome seed that SudoRossy discovered. There’s pictures and everything 🙂

So, let’s have a look at the major changes:

Robin Hood? PAH!

Bows can now be enchanted, and can take on four possible enchantments (the maximum enchantment level is in parentheses):

  • Power (V) – deal more damage;
  • Punch (III) – arrows have a knockback effect;
  • Infinity (I) – keep one arrow in your inventory, and you have infinite arrows;
  • Flame (I) – all arrows fired are flaming arrows, and they set mobs on fire!

As the Minecraft Wiki records, Infinity is great for use in The End, because normally, you can’t just jump back into the overworld1 and restock. And the mob-burning effect of Flame is also replicated when you fire an arrow through lava, the wiki sez. As it is, I’m going to be in so much trouble when thecrystalcrow gets her sweaty little paws on a Flame-enchanted bow… >.<


Sometimes, nerfing is kinda good…

Instead of needing 8 gold blocks and an apple to craft a Golden Apple, it’s now 8 gold nuggets and an apple. Nine nuggets to the ingot, nine ingots to the block, so it’s easier to create by a factor of 81. However, the effect of eating that apple has been reduced as well: before, you’d heal five hunger points and get life regeneration for 30 seconds; now, it’s two hunger points and four seconds of life regeneration. Potions are a better bet overall, though you’ve still got to get yourself to a Nether Fortress so you can get all the goodies you need to make a Brewing Station. Good luck with that one…

Minecraft Wiki records that Golden Apples “…are available for fighting monsters before you are able to brew or even go to the Nether in single player mode”. That’s not a bad idea, since you can craft the nuggets from a gold ingot.


“Newton would be proud” (quote by alsmiffy in the HATFilms/Mojang 1.1 Update Trailer)

Red apples have been made a little easier to find: now there’s a chance of them dropping from Oak Trees (don’t ask). But the chance is still pretty small – the probability is 1 in 200 – so if you’re after the little red beauties, it’s probably going to be best to locate an oak forest. Or, you could find them in chests (1 in 125 chance) – which brings me rather nicely (and quite deliberately) to…


NPC Villages now spawn treasure chests in the smithy!

Yes, there’s now more to plunder in villages, because paying a visit to your friendly neighbourhood blacksmith can result in some pretty nice stuff! And just wait until you read about that seed I mentioned earlier – the smithy plays a rather nice part… 😀


Good news for farmers…

A couple of nice little updates for the farming types among you: Crops are no longer trampled when you (or mobs) walk on them, and melons and pumpkins can grow on dirt, instead of needing to grow on farmland.


Not baaaaad

There’s a pair of updates regarding sheep, as well: as in earlier versions of the game, sheep once again regrow their wool after being sheared… and if it was a coloured sheep – even dyed – it will regrow in that colour. The second update relates to how sheep regrow their wool: by eating grass, which also converts the grass block to a dirt block. I learned something, incidentally, while nosing on Minecraft Wiki for the information: These behaviours (except for the bit about coloured wool, of course) first surfaced in the Survival Test version of the game!


Now, if Jeb would only make all mobs lay eggs…

For lovers of Creative Mode, Spawn Eggs are now available, so you can shove mobs wherever you want to (I’m sure there are reasons why players might need to do this… I just can’t think of any). Under normal circumstances, there are Spawn Eggs available for every mob in Minecraft except snow golems, Enderdragons, Spider Jockeys and giants. But if you have the ability to use the /give command in SMP, you can spawn any mob or item2 by using the Entity ID as the damage value (and if you don’t know which EID you need, look it up on good ol’ Minecraft Wiki).


Thank goodness for flat!

To aid those creative players who would prefer to work from a totally flat piece of land, there’s now the Superflat world-type option. Realistically, it’s only really useful in Creative mode (until the inventory-altering mods catch up), because although you can use it in Survival, you’re not going to have much in the way of tools to work with. Mind you, if you leave Generate Structures on, there’ll (eventually) be villages you can break down for tool-making resources.

Another thing to watch out for, particularly in Creative mode: The world is only 4 blocks thick, including bedrock (you spawn at y=5), so don’t dig down too far!

There’s a number of other updates I’ve not mentioned, but you can find them all, as per usual, in the Version History section of the Minecraft Wiki 🙂

Now, it’s about time I got onto SudoRossy’s amazing discovery: In Minecraft 1.1, if you create a world using the seed walruswalruswalrus (regular world-generation, not Superflat), you’re going to have an interesting time of it… First up, you spawn inside a smithy, with one of those lovely new chests – and just look what’s inside!

Eric Fullerton's job just got a damn sight easier.

Eric Fullerton's search for diamonds just got a damn sight easier.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there, oh no… Go take a look outside, and you find the village is situated across a ravine! I took the liberty of collecting a few screenshots for your perusal…

That's some impressive dedication to wheat farming.

That's some impressive dedication to wheat farming.

A better look at the weird location of the village...

A better look at the weird location of the village...

The lengths people will go to, just to get a little daylight in their windows...

The lengths people will go to, just to get a little daylight in their windows...

And, during the day, via Twitter, SudoRossy, Ironfruit and Tiffer (aka Viprz13) imagined the conversation the villagers had which led to such bizarre construction (the links on their names point to their actual tweets):

Viprz13: “We got a load of cobblestone, what do you wanna do? Huge house or just build up from that canyon” “Canyon.”

Viprz13: I think we’re missing a vital point here though, what if they had a nice village that just got pwned by an earthquake!

SudoRossy: Nah, there’s too much dirt/cobble support!

Ironfruit: “Should we move…?” “Nah, just fill down to the bottom of the rift with our spare materials.”

SudoRossy: “Oh, by the way, where should we put our precious minerals?”  “Erm, I dunno, leave ‘em with the blacksmith I suppose”

Viprz13: “Right next to the guest bedroom, in the Blacksmiths, it’s not like anyone would steal them”

SudoRossy: ‘What about Reg? His house is halfway in a ravine now” – “Oh, we’ll just build him a balcony” http://pic.twitter.com/3PeVmYX

Viprz13: Lmao! XD What about his poor neighbour? 😛

SudoRossy: “I only went to my friend’s house for some crumpets, and now I’m stuck in this ravine”

Viprz13: XD Ah dear, such a win seed. 😛

Indeed it is 😀

(Edit: Erm… if you click the links for SudoRossy’s tweets, you won’t see them unless you’re an approved follower. Sorry about that.)

Soooo, get your clients updated if you’ve not already done so, and enjoy the new and improved Minecraft! And don’t forget to go check out that crazy village! 😀

1 But if you’re on an SMP server whose teleportation plug-in can ‘port you across dimensions, you can get out by teleporting to another player who’s outside The End. Did it myself the other day… true story!

2 However, Minecraft Wiki reports that trying to use a spawner egg to create a Human (EID: 49) will cause the client to crash and keep crashing on every connection to the server, until the user’s .dat file is deleted. So I’d stay away from that particular egg, if I were you.

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