I can haz Minecraft meme?

If you use the Internet a lot (like I do), you’ve probably come across one of those “meme” sites, like memegenerator.net or I Can Has Cheezburger – and lost hours to the things (like I have). Well, the lovely WelshPixie felt there was a gap in the market (especially since Bob’s House of Video Games became The Daily What Geeks, and is nowhere near as good, IMHO)… and yesterday, she put up Achievement Get! for all those Minecraft-related memes you’ve been itching to create.

If you’ve had a funny moment in Minecraft, or something silly happened in real life that’s just crying out for a Minecraft-related caption, put it together and send it in!

Kristal's never going to let me live this down.

Kristal's never going to let me live this down... which isn't fair, really, because she'd done most of the damage to Mr Piggles herself - I was just the one unlucky enough to deal the accidental killing blow... *pout* *mutter*

And Pix also links to a site where you can make your own “Achievement Get!” flashes, using either in-game graphics as icons, or your own artwork. Of course, I didn’t find that out until after I’d meticulously drew out my own lettering (based on the proper Minecraft font, of course)… And the realization led to this (which went up on AG!):

Why you should always pay attention.

The consequences of not paying attention.

There’s also an @Achievement_Get Twitter account which you can follow for notifications of when new images pop up on the site (which is handy for letting you know when your submissions have popped up).

And in case any regular listeners of The Shaft are wondering, poop blocks are on there – thanks to thecrystalcrow… 😉

Yes, poop floats.

Yes, poop floats.

So, bookmark Achievement Get! in your browser of choice, and send some pics in, too!

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