thecrystalcrow: A plan starts to form…

Since I last wrote of thecrystalcrow’s plight, things have improved. Slightly. Kristal now has three places where she can stay, and escape the clutches of her roommate. But those are places where she can park her van, and sleep in it. She wouldn’t have an actual bed to sleep in.

Then, yesterday, Kristal told me about a possibility she’d quite forgotten: a camper. This, in her previous life as a jewellery artist, was something she did a lot, touring the east coast of the USA, sleeping in a camper. So she still has a lot of the wotsits and doo-dads that are part and parcel of the whole camping experience.

It’s going to be much better, for a number of reasons:

  • She can stay in it as long as she needs to, rent-free;
  • She’ll be able to rotate her location, so she’s not wearing out her welcome at any one place;
  • It’s relatively easy to set up for her, even in her condition;
  • She’ll be able to sleep on an actual bed, rather than a combination of a hacked-up mattress and a bunch of pillows;
  • She can keep more of her possessions, in the van;
  • She’ll be able to keep warm

Kristal’s own blog post about it, with links to examples of the kind of thing she’s looking at, is right here.

Realistically, to be able to buy a camper and insure it, it’s going to set Kristal back $2,000 (about £1,289, at £1 = $1.55). And, to transfer the money from PayPal to Kristal’s bank account in time for her departure, she’s only got two weeks to do it, so that’s January 15. Both of us realise that this is asking a lot, but it’s a lot cheaper than actually getting an apartment – rent and utilities soon add up, into thousands. And the items that Kristal was planning to sell – her stove and refrigerator – have been claimed by her landlady (who had previously said that she wasn’t going to do that to Kristal; that news came in from Kristal as I was writing this blog post).

I know it’s a lot to ask, especially right after Christmas, but people have stated a willingness to donate, and it would help out Kristal so much – giving her some quality of life when we initially thought that there wasn’t much chance of her surviving the winter (and trust me, that sort of news does not make for a happy Christmas).

I tried to put a donation button on this post, or in the sidebar, but I can’t get the code to work – instead, if you visit Kristal’s blog, she has her donation button, there, at the bottom of each of her “Blogging ‘Til Homeless” blog posts. I hope that you’ll be willing to help, no matter how small. Even a bunch of small donations adds up to a lot (and yes, I have donated, too). Thank you for any help you can give – it’s appreciated more than you realise, by both of us.

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