Not your usual Christmas story…

In honour of the festive season, Ironfruit and Bethness – The Half-Bakes – gathered together a whole host of Minecraft community members for a Christmassy machinima entitled, with typical understatement, A Mildly Festive Tale.

All seems happy and well as the townsfolk of Tuskany1 gather to celebrate the coming of Christmas. But when the inhabitants fail to pay heed to a threat of destruction from a necromancer, they pay for their complacency… Will the townspeople be able to recover from the effects of the necromancer’s retribution?

No fewer than thirty-one people participated in the production (aside from Ironfruit and Bethness themselves, that is). Just take a look at this cast list!

Dramatis Personae

The Narrator – Astragali
The Singer – jessartisan
The Bard – Nosirrah
The Guardsmen – BenW241 and Viprz13
The Family – Imperialistic, Miss_Evils and thecrystalcrow
The Scientists – Dad and Mary of dadsRfunny
The Necromancers – NiSiSuinegEht, Kalen_Nighteyes and SudoRossy
The Clergy – alefnull and shroomgirl
The Archers – daveleather, RPGamer99 and diegogriff
The Soldiers – SeriousCreeper, xwcg and Uruz
The Blacksmith – hojjosh
The Duo – stephoswalk, Teddanator
The Teacher – MinecraftTeachr
The Scots – Bite and Cheese
The Stereotypes – Tigran, Gleeson9 and Deaboy
The Mugger – Liamwitz

Quite why anyone would want to undertake such a logistical nightmare, as well as considerable amounts of construction (assisted by Redditor Snowghostx), is a mystery… but I’m very glad they did – and not because they asked me to read the narrative poetry (written by Nosirrah). Ironfruit and Bethness put together a wonderful script which is, by turns, charming, funny and suspenseful, and edited snappily by Ironfruit to his usual high standard, coupled with some great incidental music 😀 Plus, I know that there’s been copious use of MobDisguise, because BenW241 was enlisted to be me at the start of the video! 😀

Astragali as The Narrator

Your friendly Scribe, setting the scene as The Narrator in "A Mildly Festive Tale". Well, actually, it's BenW241. OK, it's my skin, but Ben was playing me with the aid of MobDisguise, so although it looks like me, it's -- look, just watch the video, okay? 😀

Although I’ve not actually taken the time to investigate, A Mildly Festive Tale may well be the largest cast of Minecrafters to take part in a machinima, and it’s wonderful to know that so many people from the community were willing to play roles… It’s also a testament to how much Ironfruit and Bethness are loved and appreciated by the community 😀 If you haven’t seen it yet, the resulting 11-minute video is definitely worth a watch!

Oh, a final note: At the end of the video, several seconds after the credits finish, there’s an entirely unrelated audio clip of me… Thing is, I did an Irish accent for Ironfruit and Nosi, during my voice-recording session, and Ironfruit said that for his next play, he should have an Irish super-villain as a character, so that I could provide the voice – and that line just sprang to my lips (although the first time, Ironfruit wasn’t recording… so I said I’d do it again for him ;)). The first, unrecorded version didn’t have the ridiculous laughter at the end, though! 😉

1 The name is never officially mentioned, and I only know it because I asked Ironfruit what it was. I guess the silly young chap hadn’t thought about the possibility that people might want to write about it… 😉

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2 Responses to Not your usual Christmas story…

  1. Ironfruit says:

    Fantastic post as always Astra! Thanks for writing it 🙂


  2. Nice summary, Astra, and great job as narrator. What an honor to be part of this!!!

    And I have to say: An undertaking like this takes MUCH effort–so thanks to everyone, especially TheHalf-Bakes!


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