thecrystalcrow: In need of a Christmas miracle…

Over the past few months, Kristal Crow (aka thecrystalcrow) has been gaining recognition, followers and friends in the Minecraft community – and is generally known as a cheerful, helpful, playful and kind woman. She emerged into the community at large in Capture the Record 3, when she was part of Team Gold, and went on to captain Team Gold in CTR4. With David Adams (stahscream) and myself, Kristal has formed – and plays a formative role in – The Unholy Triumvirate, our Let’s Play trio. She also masterminded the donation drive which was to save me from being out on the streets, raising close to $2,300. Kristal is an outstanding woman, and I don’t say that simply from the biased position of being her partner.

For many years, Kristal worked hard, played hard, and partied hard – a well-loved member of her local community, with a job that paid so well that she was able to help practically anyone she knew who needed it. Let me put it to you this way: If Kristal was still in that job, she wouldn’t have had to ask Minecrafters to help bail me out – she’d have been capable of doing it on her own, and not leave herself anywhere near short of cash.

Then, in about 2004, she was working on a renovation project, part of which involved her tearing down a garage. There was no problem – she was fit, she was active, she was capable.

She was wrong.

The very act of demolishing that garage wreaked havoc on her entire body, leaving her crippled, almost entirely bed-ridden. Inevitably, she had to leave her job, and apply for disability. The problem there is that no determination as to her eligibility can be made without a diagnosis, and the doctors – such as they are – have been unable to figure out what’s wrong with her. There was, at one point, a misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia… which led to Aflac denying her medical insurance.

Think about that for a moment. Kristal has had ZERO income for THREE YEARS, and only state medical insurance, which is severely limited in the medical procedures it will permit to be carried out. The only regular income coming into the household was that of her roommate Jackie, and she didn’t always have a job.

Speaking of which… Jackie told Kristal today that Jackie’s unemployment has run out, and Kristal has 30 days to move out. This is, in essence, a literal death sentence. Kristal’s lived in her car before, but back then, she was actually physically capable of getting herself around. Living in a van in a Virginia winter is hazardous to the health of even a fit person.

At the very least: If there is anyone living in the Richmond, Virginia area (or at least within a reasonable commute) that can provide help, even to clear out the house, sell furniture, or whatever, please contact Kristal via email at thecrystalcrow AT gmail DOT com.

[Update: Because some people have been offering to donate to Kristal, I can now tell you that she’s accepting donations, via PayPal – same email address as above.]

This next request is an exceptionally tall order, but it’s included at the request of Dan (SparcMan) Newman. Kristal desperately needs a place to live in the Richmond area, for free, until her eligibility for disability is determined. Bear in mind that Kristal is pretty much bed-ridden, and there’s no knowing how long the determination process is going to take – remember that it’s been going on for three years already.

Kristal can’t leave the state, so she can’t move up to Connecticut to live with me. Even if she didn’t have that restriction, she needs to live with someone who can drive – I’ve never been able to, and I don’t have the funds to learn to drive (nor am I asking). Plus, a Connecticut winter is far worse than Virginia. Believe me, Kristal and I have discussed this in the past.

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3 Responses to thecrystalcrow: In need of a Christmas miracle…

  1. meles says:

    I’ve forwarded this post to a friend of mine whose family lives around the Richmond area somewhere, I don’t know if there is anything she can do to help, but hopefully she might know someone :/
    I have my fingers crossed for the both of you.



  2. Maria says:

    You should put up a donation button to make it easier for people to donate. Then it’s also possible to donate without a paypal account.


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