MineThon: An epic 72 hours lie ahead…

Starting tomorrow, at 10am Pacific (GMT -8), four intrepid guys in Flagstaff, Arizona will band together to host MineThon, and play a stunning SEVENTY-TWO hours of Minecraft in the hope of raising $10,000 for the very worthy Child’s Play charity.

Inspired by the fund-raising efforts of Desert Bus for Hope and Mario Marathon, hosts Ethan Smith, Ryan Holdeman, Ben Johnson and Zach Olson will be crammed into an apartment for three days, playing survival Minecraft, which will be streamed on their Ustream channel. And, in addition to playing the game, they’ll be holding auctions and raffles for some pretty snazzy Minecraft-related stuff, including handmade creeper beanies, MineThon T-shirts, and even your very own free-for-life Lethal Drive Minecraft server! Joining in the fun during will be The Shaft Podcast’s Brent Copeland (and hopefully Eric and Wes as well), and the MineThon hosts will be putting in an appearance during The Shaft when it goes out on Saturday 17 December (yes, you read that correctly: The Shaft’s on Saturday this week). Saturday will also see BitBurner hosting one of his Club Ravine raves in honour of MineThon, starting at 9pm Pacific – and the MineThon hosts will be dropping by 😀

You can show your support for Child's Play with this awesome handmade creeper beanie!

You can show your support for Child's Play with this awesome handmade creeper beanie!

Child’s Play, founded by Penny Arcade creators Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins, is a charity which helps to distribute game consoles and games to hospitals all over the world, for use by sick children. Video games have helped to entertain, distract and even rehabilitate the children, and can be a powerful aid to recovery. Child’s Play has received extensive support from the gaming industry, together with direct endorsement by Wil Wheaton, himself a lifelong gamer.

Since its inception in 2003, Child’s Play has shipped over ten million dollars of gifts to hospitals worldwide [source: Wikipedia], and this year, the charity is hoping to raise two million dollars. In fact, as of this writing, they’re just $50,000 away from achieving that goal, though it would be an awesome achievement if they surpassed the 2010 total donations, which came in at $2,294,317 😀 To find out even more about Child’s Play, check out this two-part episode of Penny Arcade: The Series – part one is here, and part two here (NSFW advisory for language).

You can find out more about MineThon on their website, which includes the schedules for the auctions and raffles (note: all timings given are in Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8). You can also keep up with MineThon via Twitter and Facebook. Remember that your donations will be helping to make a difference to sick children all over the world!

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