Eviction Update (hopefully, the Epilogue)

As Kristal (thecrystalcrow) reported on her blog, the “Keep Astra Off The Streets” Donation Drive achieved a grand total of $2,288.68 – a huge thank-you to all the people who kindly donated, or offered support if they weren’t able to help out financially. Please remember, incidentally, that I didn’t ask Kristal to do any of it for me, nor did I hint to her – in fact, it took me some time to actually agree to accept the money…

The first $1,800 was sent out as money orders (the rest is coming soon, as Kristal’s blog post explains), and once I had cashed them, all I had to do was wait for the legal process to kick in. Or did I? By chance, I encountered the landlord in the building, a few days ago (he doesn’t actually live there…), and decided to ask if paying him in person would prevent me from being taken to court (the legal document said that any monies paid would go to use and occupancy only, and not rent1). He said that it would, so I scampered off to grab the cash and the rent envelope (didn’t want the money credited to the wrong person, you see…).

Pro-tip: When handing over four-figures’ worth of cash to someone who doesn’t usually collect the rent, much worry and panic can be prevented by asking for a receipt! >.<

So after a few days of kicking myself (and occasional phone calls to the landlord) while the receipt failed to arrive, there was a huge sigh of relief from myself and Kristal when the vital slip of paper actually showed up… Now, I was warned that there may still be attorney fees to cover, but the excess of donations should cover that 😀

I knew the Minecraft community was awesome, but I didn’t realise just how generous it could be. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😀

1 Gotta love legalese. And yes, legal language is actually phrased the way it is to intimidate the average person. I present that statement without comment – though there’s a few clamouring for release… 😉

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One Response to Eviction Update (hopefully, the Epilogue)

  1. Pete Little says:

    So pleased to hear that!! hopefully this is the epilogue and everything is good again!


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