The Shaft gets in the Grinchmas spirit

Anyone who listens to The Shaft will most likely know by now that Wes Wilson, Eric Fullerton and Brent Copeland have expanded their contribution to the Minecraft community by recording their own Let’s Play videos under their Dead Workers Party monicker… Their releases have included Grandma’s Birthday and Mars Mission, and with Ron “Albarel” Smalec releasing a Christmas-themed adventure map entitled Grinchmas, the guys have decided to get into the Minecraft Christmas spirit by taking it on!

The guys from DWP take on Ron Smalec's "Grinchmas".

The guys from DWP take on Ron Smalec's "Grinchmas". The Grinch's heart grew two sizes, but I'm not sure about Brent Copeland's... 😉

Now, I have to admit that, considering I’ve not played the map myself at the moment, I’m not too clear on the plot – but as far as I can tell, it goes like this:

We all remember how The Grinch’s heart grew two sizes when he caught the Christmas spirit, and subsequently devoted himself to making the Whos of Whoville happy. But his new-found devotion, and his desire to shower the Whos with Christmas gifts, means that someone has to suffer, and that’s the residents of nearby Rueville. They’re tasked (though, thankfully, paid) with making endless Christmas presents for The Grinch to give to the Whos to make him look like the all-round nice guy that he claims to be. Well, you didn’t think The Grinch was going to make all that awesome stuff by himself, did you?

But after an incident in The Grinch’s FlitzFangle factory, you decide to make a complaint – going right to the top of the tree (as it were) to seek out The Grinch. But there’s a quite surprising discovery to be made when you reach his house… where will that discovery take you?

So far, the DWP guys have released two episodes of Grinchmas (you’ll find their playlist here), and it’s a treat to watch. At the core, there’s the shenanigans of Wes, Eric and Brent as they tackle the map – and even though Ron instructs that the map is to be played on Peaceful, there’s still something that can’t be avoided, even on that particular difficulty setting… Unsurprisingly, Brent plays fast and loose with Ron’s rules, much to Wes’ apparent chagrin – but then, I’d expect no less from Mr. Copeland 😉

But it’s the post-production work that really raises the bar a long way for other Let’s Players. The episodes’ tastefully-done incidental music provides a suitably Christmassy (Grinchmassy?) feel, but DWP goes even further by tweaking the audio to increase the atmosphere of the videos. When the guys enter a cave, in comes the reverb; when Eric’s swimming up a waterfall, every time he’s fully enclosed in water, the audio dims appropriately to shut out external noises. It’s these little things which really enhance the viewing experience – kudos to them!1

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the DWP’s antics as the story progresses, and if you’ve not seen it yet, you really should! 😀

1 I can’t afford diamonds like BebopVox – kudos are as good as I get 😉

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