Minecraft Mondays, LEGO, and editable books!

A few snippets of news and opinion for you! I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which… 😉

I do like Mondays…

This week’s edition of BebopVox’s excellent Minecraft Mondays saw the show split into two. No, it’s not because Bebop’s having creative differences with himself(!)… Last week, he realised that the show had grown considerably larger since its inception (Episode 34 was so packed with stuff that it came in at over 17 minutes), and Bebop felt that this might be too much for viewers at one sitting. So his solution was to put the Mojang-specific news into one edition, and the community stuff (news, skins, mods, videos and seeds) into another. That way, viewers can choose which edition they want to watch.

For me, I’m just as happy watching Bebop’s punchy, fast-paced format as The Shaft’s more easy-going, slightly (*cough*) meandering style, and I certainly didn’t mind that Minecraft Mondays was getting longer. MOAR BEBOPVOX is a Good Thing. But I can pretty much see his point that he wants to keep the length of the show just as snappy as its content 🙂 If anything, the community benefits most of all, if the first Community Edition was anything to go by: Bebop was able to bring viewers still more of what the ingenious minds of Minecrafters have been getting up to.

Ultimately, the expansion into two shows means that BebopVox is putting even more effort into what he describes as a “labor of love”1 – and the world of Minecraft benefits 😀

I want LEGO creepers…

I guess there was an air of inevitability to it: After being compared to LEGO by countless people, Minecraft is actually going to become LEGO… The announcement was made yesterday by Mojang on the Minecraft section of the LEGO CUOSOO site.

LEGO CUOSOO is a way for LEGO fans to petition the Danish toy giant to have designs immortalised and sold as proper LEGO sets. For a petition to succeed, the design must receive a minimum of 10,000 votes – a surprisingly small number, considering the size of the LEGO community.

Well, it turns out the number of Minecrafting LEGO fans was large enough to hit the threshold2, and LEGO and Mojang were both very pleased with the success of the campaign.

[UPDATE: The proposal actually has not reached the 10,000-vote threshold – at the time of writing, it was at 9,537 – but it seems that Mojang and LEGO are forging ahead anyway.]

A rather delightful aspect of the project’s success is Mojang’s announcement that their 1% royalty from Minecraft LEGO sales will be entirely donated to charity. So when you shell out your hard-earned cash on a set (or three), you’ll also be helping out people in need. Nice! 😀

If I don’t see War and Peace in Minecraft, I’m not interested… 😉

It seems that the Minecraft Modding API is not the only thing occupying Jeb’s attention: in an interview with Kotaku, he announced that he was looking into the ability to write in books and on notes…

Now, Notch had indicated, a few months ago, that he was adding the facility for items to possess “arbitrary NBT data”; editable books and notes were potential uses for this new internal feature. But nothing more was heard on the subject – until now. Whether anything comes of Jeb’s announcement remains, of course, to be seen. But on the other hand, he did say in the past that pistons would be introduced, and they were (albeit in an altered form from Hippoplatimus’ Pistons Mod), so that evidence offers at least a glimmer of hope.

It’s that glimmer that many in the Minecraft community will be happy to hold onto: numerous people have clamoured for the feature’s inclusion, particularly map makers. For one thing, adventure maps wouldn’t need a huge wall, littered with signs, simply to explain the rules, setting or lore. It’ll also look better on Let’s Play and machinima videos, because the text will be much clearer than when viewing a sign. So if Jeb pulls off this little addition to the game, he’s going to make a ton of Minecrafters very, very happy indeed.

After that, perhaps Jeb could turn his focus to changing Creative-Mode jumping to using a single keypress, removing the inertia from Creative-Mode flying, adding stained glass and (to keep Wes Wilson happy) mass transportation? OK, I’m going, I’m going… 😀

1 His quote, so American-English spelling 😀

2 I tried to vote on the site, but I couldn’t get the bloody thing to work >.<

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