Zombies on your wheat farm…

The musical side of the Minecraft community got a notable boost recently when none other than Laura Shigihara (Twitter link) launched her Minecraft song, Cube Land. What? You don’t know who Laura Shigihara is? Well, if you play Plants vs Zombies or even World of Warcraft (you know, when you’re taking a break from mining and crafting), you do… According to Wikipedia, Laura has created sound and music for more than 25 videogame titles, and is best known for the PvZ soundtrack, particularly her creation and performance of Zombies on Your Lawn (and its Japanese-language counterpart, Uraniwa ni Zombies ga)1. As for WoW, she’s the voice of the Singing Sunflower pet!

Zombies chasing Laura Shigihara in her tribute to Minecraft, "Cube Land"

Zombies give Laura Shigihara something to think about in the video for her Minecraft-based song, "Cube Land"...

Anyway, back to Cube Land… Laura’s voice lends a delightfully haunting quality to the lyrics – highly appropriate for the atmosphere of Minecraft – and playing it through, I get a heavy case of goosebumps as I listen to it 😀 The video, created in conjunction with Dylan Librande (aka Ecliptichero) is sharply executed and edited, and nicely captures the dangers which lurk within the game. I suspect it’s quite likely that the creation of the whole project was significantly helped by the fact that Laura’s an avid Minecrafter herself 😀

This video deserves more views, it really does – it’s only got a little over 12,000, and needs to get a lot more love from the Minecraft community! 😀 So if you’ve not already checked out Laura’s awesome tribute to Minecraft, go take a look at now, and spread the word! Go check out her other work too, at her YouTube channel!

(P.S. Thanks to heronmarkdblade for inadvertently providing the title of this blog post ;))

1 You can find the music video for Zombies on Your Lawn at the PopCap website (go to the Videos section).

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