At last, 1.0.0!

After a little over a year of development, the time finally came for the full release of Minecraft 1.0.0. With nearly 5,000 people in attendance at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and nearly 40,000 watching via IGN’s livestream, Mojang’s Director of Fun MinecraftChick took the stage and rocked the convention with her rundown to the launch of 1.0.0 (great job, Lydia!).

With shout-outs to CaptainSparklez (who also appeared on stage to introduce his “Revenge” video), HAT Films and MinecraftTeachr, MinecraftChick began the convention by talking briefly about the community aspect – without which, Minecraft would perhaps be a lot less successful than it has been – and then went into a quick description of the panels and parties which would be taking place over the two-day period.

Up next was Stuart Platt of Microsoft, who was understandably excited about Minecraft coming to the Xbox 360, and introduced the official trailer… featuring Notch and the Mojang crew being charmingly lunatic as they raced to the Xbox to play their own game 😀

Jakob Porser, (over-)excited about Minecraft for the Xbox 360.

"It's here!" Jakob Porser, (over-)excited about Minecraft for the Xbox 360 in the Mojang/Microsoft trailer.

Stuart was followed by Daniel Kaplan, talking about the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS – and he revealed something I didn’t know1: iOS and Android users can play in the same multiplayer game together! (that is, when they’re not tearing each other to pieces over who’s got the better system…)

Back to MinecraftChick, who told the story of Mojang and introduced the 14-strong staff (including herself), rounding it off with the introduction of (a very nervous) Notch, greeted by the huge crowd participating in a well-deserved standing ovation. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I think MinecraftChick helped Notch along with his talk being in the form of a fun, informal interview; given Notch’s previously-stated discomfort about talking on stage, I feel MinecraftChick’s questioning gave Notch something to focus on.

Right before the big moment, Mega64 introduced their trailer – which was a little confusing, because HAT Films were tweeting that their trailer was coming up. Having watched Mega64’s trailer… I wish it had been HAT’s work instead: Mega64’s “Notch” sounded German, and the whole thing was cringe-making. But that was the only fly in the ointment during the proceedings, and it was mercifully short 🙂

And then it was finally time for Notch to launch the game, and rather than pushing a button, there was a big Minecraft column of bricks, adorned with a lever2 for Notch to throw 😀 After briefly checking around the back of the column – to check the redstone was all in place, perhaps? – Notch made a heroic show of throwing the lever to send the fledgling 1.0.0 into the ether… As the balloons popped, streamers fell and the Mojang team briefly danced on stage in celebration, Minecrafters around the world started downloading the newest version of their beloved game 😀

It's here at last: Minecraft 1.0.0...

Check that bottom-left corner: It's the real deal, baby.

I got it after only a couple of attempts, which was pleasantly surprising, and it seems to run more smoothly than 1.0 RC2 🙂 The funny thing is, that for the lulz, I created a new world with the seed Minecraft 1.0.0 – the result was something very akin to Survival Island (and, to some people, the Mojang logo): a smallish island with a single tree, and surrounded by ocean as far as the eye could see!

Minecraft 1.0.0 Island

This is what you get if you use "Minecraft 1.0.0" (without the quotes) as a seed... Cool, huh? 🙂

Even though I was hugely disappointed that Kristal and I weren’t able to go to Minecon, I still experienced of a frisson of anticipation in the run-up to the big moment, and got a little teary-eyed at the culmination of an awesome journey – which will, of course, continue even though we’re now at 1.0.0 😀

Before I close the post, I’d like to give a heartfelt thank-you to RPGamer99, who’s been doing an awesome job, tweeting out a ton of pictures from the convention… Great work, RP! 😀

1 Admittedly, that’s not hard 😉

2 Which is not, to be nerdy and pedantic for a moment, actually possible in-game 😉

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  1. madmommy says:

    We should all try to meet next year…I had wanted to go as well, but circumstances (i.e. school!) kept me away this year 🙂


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