Minecraft prizes for European contestants!

Even though my French is far from being bon, I occasionally have a nose over at WTCraft – and I was stunned to see that they have a pretty epic contest going on… Hope you’ll excuse the idiosyncratic translation, but this link is to a Google Translate version of the contest page – and this contest is open to residents of France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and the countries of the UK! Makes a nice change from those “US-only” contests we hear so much about!

Here are the prizes up for grabs in the contest:

  • A Sony Xperia Play Minecraft Edition;
  • A Borsalino Rollable Fedora – just like Notch himself wears (apparently);
  • A Minecraft avatar designed by SamCube;
  • 5 lots of three Wondercraft prints;
  • 5 Minecraft T-shirts;
  • A 16-slot Battlefield 3 server;
  • 5 Creeper self-inking stamps;
  • 2 Minecraft statuettes, customised to your own skin;
  • A combination prize of a Minecraft gift code and a Minecraft Hardcore DVD;
  • 5 Minecraft gift codes

Pretty impressive, eh? 😀

Here’s what you have to do – you can do any, but each thing you do increases the number of entries you have:

  • Write a public blog post, on your own blog, about the contest; and/or
  • Make a video about the contest, and upload it to YouTube, Dailymotion or other video-hosting site; and/or
  • Follow @WTCraft on Twitter, and tweet about the contest (specific details are on the contest page); and/or
  • Become a fan of WTCraft on Facebook, and post the (original, French-language) URL of the contest page on your wall (for ease of use, I’ve reproduced the URL here)

More details are available, of course, on the contest page.

Now, the contest is said to end four weeks after the publication of the article, and that came out on November 1, so you have until… *counts on his fingers and toes* November 29! So, get cracking! 😀

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