Minecraft à Trois: The Power of Three(somes)

Around the time of CTR4, thecrystalcrow (Kristal), stahscream (David) and RPGamer99 got to talking, and decided they wanted to start a “Let’s Play” series together. When I found out, I was somewhat jealous: Kristal and I had been wanting to start our own LP, but couldn’t because neither of us can record. I asked if they were interested in having a fourth LPer, but Kristal told me that they’d already chosen the name: Minecraft à Trois. I think I entirely failed to hide my disappointment…

Minecraft a Trois Title Card

The Unholy Triumvirate get busy (in Minecraft).

So I was utterly surprised when, after recording some test footage, the three of them asked me if I was interested in taking RP’s place (he’d decided to pull out, after some amicable discussion). Well, there’s some phrase about bears and woods which I can’t exactly recall at the moment – but suffice it to say that I was definitely interested 😀

I have to admit that it was rather unnerving when, after being given access to the trio’s brainstorming documentation, there was an entire section discussing the possibility of me joining them… which was surprising, yet flattering, to learn 🙂

Anyway, we got to recording, making use of the PretzelCast server because Serious_Creeper still had it running 1.7.3 (I can run 1.8.1, more or less, but Kristal can’t run it at all, even with OptiFine installed). The three of us found that we had a great chemistry: Kristal, with her organisational skills, definitely comes across as the leader of the band, while David and I are more like mischievous schoolkids 😉 And we had such a blast doing it, with various levels of FAIL and hilarity ensuring all over the place – together with copious amounts of innuendo and swearing (and we don’t bleep out our naughtiness, so it’s completely NSFW ;)). We also realised the three of us have pretty strong personalities, and it provides a great balance: none of us gets shoved into the background, nor do any of us get to take centre stage for too long, because the other two are there to burst their bubble if needed 😉

And what to call ourselves? Time for more brainstorming… Minecraft à Trois was simply the name of the LP series, but we wanted a name for our motley trio, in case we wanted to do other series (we have plans, you see). After a lot of consideration, discussion and (enjoyable) debate, we arrived at The Unholy Triumvirate. Bearing in mind the name of the current series – and its content – we could hardly go for something staid and chaste… 😉

So, what about the actual gameplay itself? Well, in our first episode, Kristal, David and I prepare to get building our new home together, but our plans are soon thrown into disarray by something we weren’t prepared for: we start our adventure at night… With the undead, unclean and otherwise unholy closing in on us, it’s time for a new plan: run away…! Will the combined forces of three seasoned Minecrafters save us from approaching doom?

At the time of writing, we have three episodes up on YouTube for your delectation and (hopefully) delight… You can find the playlist right here, on our channel! And of course, we’ll throw out notifications on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Reddit when new videos emerge, fresh from David’s computer 😀 I for one can’t wait for the three of us to get together and play around (in Minecraft), once I get over my vicious cold and cough (*hack*)… Stay tuned for more one-on-one-on-one action! 😀

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