Wondercraft – and my (new) part in its creation

I’ve found that weird and wonderful things happen to me when I’m bored, or when I can’t sleep (or both). In this case, my inability to obtain slumber brought about something which definitely falls into the “wonderful” category 😀

In the early hours (for me) of Saturday morning, I saw a tweet from SamCube, creator of the excellent Wondercraft Minecraft-based web comic, asking for a little help with a phrase:

Need ENGLISH help! Correct one? “…if he is capable to survive” or “…if he is able to survive” Any help is welcome!

Being the helpful sort, I zapped off a quick couple of tweets, and Sam later said:

@AstragaliUSA Nice! Maybe next time I could share the script with you before lettering the comic, so can have a fast look into it 😀

A short discussion later via email, and I’d ended up as the English-language script editor for Wondercraft! 😀

Our hero and his trusty pig companion set out for adventure

Our hero and his trusty pig companion set out for adventure, in Wondercraft. (Picture credit: SamCube, downloadable for free from the website)

I feel rather ashamed of myself, actually, because I’d been meaning to blog about Sam’s work for ages, but never got around to it >.< Let me fix that right now for you… and I would just like to point out that the opinions you’ll see below are the ones I had before joining the WonderTeam 😀

If you’ve never read Wondercraft, you should, as it provides an interesting take on the mythos of Minecraft. A man wakes up to find himself washed up on a beach, with no memory of who he is, or what he was… and his only companion is a newly-encountered pig, whom he names Ham (“One never knows when hunger will strike”)1. Together, they set out to find out more about this strange new place – and possibly more about his past history, which starts to come to him in dreams…

Two chapters have been completed so far. Chapter 0: Better With Ham, is in full-colour, while Chapter 1: Look What the Pig Dragged In, is presently on the site in black-and-white, but is in the process of being coloured, with the assistance of French artist Miss Pepper Cat. Every part of the comic is richly detailed, while the pace of the narrative starts steadily, and then warms up nicely, as we move into Chapter 1. Even as line art, you can easily tell what’s going on, and they’re really going to pop once the colour is added 🙂

After being invited to become the script editor, I offered to provide corrections for the existing pages’ captions, which Sam happily accepted – and I’m told that the revisions are in progress 🙂 Speaking of alternate languages, the WonderTeam is bolstered by the translators: while SamCube (of course) writes the script in Spanish, Riltend is providing translation into Dutch, and Obisam renders the text into French. And, judging by a tweet from “Brazilian_Notch”, it looks like there’s going to be a Portuguese version, too 🙂 My contribution is relatively minor by comparison, because Sam’s already writing the English version – I’m just providing corrections2 🙂 Still, I’m thrilled to be able to play a part in the creation of the comic, however small 😀 Oh, and in case you’re wondering: I checked with Sam, and he wants me to use British English 🙂

Since SamCube created Wondercraft, he’s been attracting a lot of attention… Sam appeared on episode 46 of The Shaft, and has received commissions from Minecraft Monday’s BebopVox, and The Half-Bakes (for their Minecraft Theory series). Even more impressively, Mojang themselves took an interest, commissioning Sam to design the official Minecraft poster for Minecon! And thanks to a friendly sponsor, Sam’s going to be attending Minecon himself… maybe if you ask nicely, he’ll sign the poster for you! 😉

Sam hails from Barcelona, Spain, studied graphic design for five years, and worked for a number of Spanish comic publishers – never dreaming that one day, he’d become a comic artist himself… Good thing he became interested in Minecraft!

And for me, it’s a good thing I couldn’t get to sleep… 😉

1 … and Ham had a snout long before Minecraft piggies did 😉

2 As it is, Sam’s English is far better than the tiny smattering of Spanish that I speak…

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