Grinders: Let's give Wes Wilson a break!

One of the things that The Shaft’s Wes Wilson gets picked on for (a lot – even by me, when I’m in the show’s chatroom) is his habit of filling in holes when he plays on SMP servers. But I can pretty much see his point that people who want to make sandstone buildings tend to turn nearby beaches into quarries, leaving just one block between the beach and the water to prevent flooding. Result: an ugly mess. Having listened to his objections a few times on The Shaft, I’ve taken to beautifying areas that I quarry for sand, such as the former beach area outside my house on the PretzelCast server:

I remember when all this was sand...

I remember when all this was sand...

In the above case, it was just as well that I wanted to make a basement complex under my house, so I had plenty of dirt to transfer over to the decimated beach 🙂

But I think that there would be a more useful way of obtaining sand than pillaging the shorelines and deserts of Minecraft: a grinder. With this, the grinder would turn cobblestone into gravel, and then if you were to run the gravel through the grinder, it would be turned into sand. Incidentally, I can’t take all the credit for this idea – my version simply had the cobblestone turned straight into sand, but I think it was RPGamer99 who added the extra step, so thanks for that! 🙂

There would be many beneficial consequences of this system:

  • Yet another use for the cobblestone which builds up in your chests… Well, it certainly builds up in mine – I can’t bear to throw anything away, especially in-game;
  • It’d be a good use for gravel, if you don’t feel like power-mining it to get flint;
  • Those beautiful beaches could remain intact;
  • Corollary: Wes Wilson could have something better to do with his time… like, say, getting rid of all the long grass 😉

Now, I just have to figure out a way of crafting dirt… 🙂

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