CTR4: All that work…

After a week of on-and-off trash talk between Team Green and Team Gold (with one comment from alefnull inspiring me to wear a flame-coloured dress as my skin), Saturday 1 October arrived with the inevitability of… well, any day really (funny thing, causality). And with it, the fourth Capture the Record Event, which promised to be a clash of epic proportions. A ferocious amount of planning and testing had taken place by the Evil Geniuses of Team Gold (we had a communal GoogleDoc, for goodness’ sake), and we were sure of our readiness – though alef’s comment about being a lone wolf:

(alefnull) first true statement from #TeamGoldFTL so far my team does better when i do my own thing. #LoneWolf

… had myself and Head Evil Genius thecrystalcrow a little concerned. But not much – we had faith in our plan…

And what a plan it was, calling for vast amounts of cobblestone, wood, cacti, lava and water, necessitating the creation of dedicated harvesting teams, tree and cactus farms, plus cobblestone and obsidian generators (venturing into the Nether would greatly increase our lava-gathering plans). After the unmitigated chaos of captaining Team Gold on CTR3 (the details of which you will never find on this blog), I volunteered for being a lumberjack – quite appropriate really, now, come to think of it… It was very therapeutic, hacking down all that wood to be turned into chests, especially when the number of available trees hit a sort of critical mass, thanks to liberal sapling planting.

Lava Cow

Our Lava Holding Area attracts some wildlife. Flame-grilled beef, anyone?

It wasn’t the only relaxing thing about the game. I realized, fairly early on, that the chat in Mumble was much quieter than in CTR3 – but then both sides were playing with “known quantities” in terms of its constituent members, and in our case (can’t speak for Team Green, obviously), we had our assigned tasks and therefore required little in the way of supervision 🙂 Crystal had it lucky, by comparison 😉

Five hours of dedicated effort and planning led to this:

Gold's completed fortress

The culmination of five hours of harvesting and building. Hopefully, xwcg (Chief of Defense) will have put away his whip by now...

Oh, what’s that? It looks like the lava has formed letters? Here, let me run around the top layer so you can see it properly:

Green sucks.

'Nuff said.

Yep – we had time to throw in an insult, as well 😉

And then the battle began, and went on… and on… and on… It probably didn’t help that the team sizes were only about half that of previous CTR games, but victory for either side just wasn’t coming. On the other hand, what was coming – to us – was an entire medieval arsenal, courtesy of the Team Green blacksmiths! (I’d commented, “Even if we lose the game, we should just sell all this stuff on eBay…” ;)). Good thing we could multitask, because otherwise we’d have been paralysed by fits of the giggles!

But those records just weren’t coming out into the open… and time was getting on – or rather, it wasn’t… Crystal discovered that the PvP timer wasn’t going down (screw causality, anyway), and so there was a brief, public discussion with stahscream as to when the game should be concluded – it was estimated that we’d been in PvP Phase for about one and a half hours (yes, really), and if neither record had been found by 1.30am, we’d call it a draw.

By that time, we were convinced that we’d found the general location of their record – beneath a stratum of staircases (like furnaces – which we’d used in abundance – they take a long time to break), judging by their response when we were in that area. But with only fifteen minutes remaining until time was called, we had to get pretty gung-ho with our attacks. So we called everyone forward, including Crystal – who, owing to the possibility of severe lag issues with her laptop, had stayed behind as Team Gold’s Evil Quartermaster – and we made a mad, last-ditch, all-out attack. But those fifteen minutes went by all too quickly, and a draw had to be declared.

Gleeson9 considers getting in the hot tub

Gleeson9 considers getting in the Evil Hot Tub...

Gleeson goes for it

... and decides to go for it.

During the post-mortem analysis, it transpired that we had entirely missed the record… it was above us, in one of the obsidian balls that were floating in the air, that Serious_Creeper had instructed us to ignore (and he may never live it down)… And we also found that Bar_Barian had deliberately chosen to make repeated kamikaze attacks on us, so as to lead us into thinking we were doing something worthwhile (seems that Green wasn’t short of Evil Genius-calibre material, either… :D). Ours, incidentally, was fairly close to our entrance, which went entirely unnoticed by Team Green 😀

Also, Imperialistic complained that, after spending an hour on sealing in and beautifying Green’s spawn area, it was totally ignored and unvisited by the marauding Evil Geniuses… (We saw it afterwards, and it did look really good :))

Still, by and large, it was a very enjoyable game – and it’ll be interesting to see if, should a CTR5 take place, how the complexion of the game changes with the updates to Minecraft… 🙂 Thanks to everyone who played, hosted, and helped to make even a draw pleasurable 🙂

Last, but not least, you can see Head Evil Genius thecrystalcrow’s account of events right here (along with a shot of me in my dress, which she kindly designed for me to complement her own, awesome, skin).

The finishing players for CTR4.

The finishing players for CTR4. Thanks to all who played!

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One Response to CTR4: All that work…

  1. hellthunda says:

    It probably would have been better if there had been more people on the teams. It would have gotten more people watching it too, I know that if there had been more going on I would have stayed around and watched it more, and if there are more players in the next one (that is, if I’m not able to get in), I will definitely watch it longer 🙂


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