CTR4: A titanic clash, on and off the field…

The time and place has been set, the battle lines are drawn, and the bedrock cubes stand ready to become fortresses. Yes, it’s Capture the Record time again, and we’re on to number 4 in the series… This time, though, the fun and games have started long before the actual event itself!

stahscream and thecrystalcrow, the captains for CTR4.

stahscream and thecrystalcrow raise their battle standards in preparation for Capture the Record 4 (loving the Team Gold captain's CTR skin, btw...)

When stahscream expressed an interest in holding another CTR event, thecrystalcrow was eager to join in, and AshRossy offered his server for hosting the match. So stahscream saddled up as the leader of the Green Team, and by a process of elimination, thecrystalcrow became the Gold Team captain 🙂

This time, the event is purely invitational and, at the time of writing, the team line-ups are as follows:

Gold Green
thecrystalcrow (captain) Stahscream (captain)
Astragali Deaboy
AshRossy alefnull
makefile jessartisan
SeriousCreeper Bethness
xwcg Ironfruit
NiSiSuinegEht RPGamer99
Nak3d ZeImperialistic
Heronmarkedblade Gingernator666
Xelatyper Teddanator
MinecraftTeachr Bar_Barian
Gleeson9 ethancherry

(… and on the waiting list: LC98, Nak3d, kalennighteyes and Uruz.)

While the event itself isn’t due to take place until Saturday 1 October (9pm UK time; 4pm Eastern), Twitter has been hit daily with trash talk coming from both sides (“We will hate each other for a week” – stahscream) – here are a few examples:

(thecrystalcrow) The mighty @xwcg is in charge of Gold Team defenses! Green is GOING DOWN! #CTR4 #TrashTalkFTW

(xwcg) Gold team already has a plan, blueprints and flowcharts for #CTR4. What about you, team green? #TrashTalkFTW

(alefnull) who says we’ll even *need* traps to beat you hacks? 😛

(thecrystalcrow) @stahscream Bring it on-we have our order in to Acme, Inc XD #CTR4 #TrashTalkFTW

(stahscream) @thecrystalcrow Careful, that never helped Wile E. Coyote win #MeepMeep #CTR4 #TrashTalk #GoldGoingDown #MultipleHashTags

… and an exchange between alefnull and myself, after xwcg kindled an argument (note: I’ve removed the welter of @names for the sake of clarity):

(xwcg) oh? I thought you wanted to win. Well… suit yourselves 😛

(alefnull) the rest of my team can do what they think they need to. i know all i need to know in order to win. 😉

(xwcg) unfortunately, personal victories don’t make your side win automatically 😛

(AstragaliUSA) See, alef, you never WERE a team player… #TrashTalkFTW XD

(alefnull) first true statement from #TeamGoldFTL so far 😛 my team does better when i do my own thing. #LoneWolf

(AstragaliUSA) You’re a lone wolf? With the AI they have in Minecraft? DERP…

(alefnull) hey now, i said ‘wolf’.. not ‘stupid dog that jumps in front of diamond pick’

Team Gold's message to Team Green (courtesy of me)

I take the mature approach to trash-talking.

Meanwhile, both teams are fiercely thrashing out strategy, and xwcg, Chief of Defense on the Evil Geniuses Team, has apparently been plotting since CTR2! He is a rather competitive person, as it turns out… 😀

Now, so that the streaming coverage of the event isn’t quite so one-sided, both sides will be streaming the action: RPGamer99 will be streaming for Team Green at this site, while SeriousCreeper has volunteered to take up camera duty for Team Gold, here.

So, now you know the layout of the teams, pick your favourite, and stop by this coming Saturday to cheer on your chosen CTR side! May the best team1 win!

1 That is, to say, Team Gold 😉

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3 Responses to CTR4: A titanic clash, on and off the field…

  1. Zaco619 says:

    Green Sucks eh? well gold just lost my support 😛 (check my last name)


  2. shadowsofdusk77 says:

    i dont suppose I can still register


  3. NikoCreator says:

    This will truly be a Battle for the Ages!!


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