Show some love for The Shaft Podcast!

On October 8, 2010, a podcast started which rapidly became a Minecraft institution, and a premier source of news about the community: The Shaft. And the show’s chatroom is also a gathering place for some of the biggest and brightest names in the Minecraft world!

Well, the show’s about to hit its one-year anniversary, and Teddanator approached me to blog about her project, commemorating this important event. She’s asked for listeners of the show to submit answers to the following question:

What do you love about The Shaft?

Now, to save Teddy from having to create a separate email address to handle the responses, I suggested that listeners should send emails to me (the link’s at the top of the page), and I’ll forward them on to her. Since the actual testimonials themselves are meant to be a secret, please don’t put your submissions in comments to this post! 😛 You’ve got until Saturday 1 October to email your submissions if you want them to be included. That way, if there are a lot, it should give her more than enough time to have her project ready before the 8th! And Teddy’s also asked that you include your Minecraft username in your email.

Oh… one thing which occurred to me as I wrote this post: Since the show is PG-13 rated, please keep your comments the same way!

Teddy and I look forward to reading your submissions! (And don’t worry, neither of us will use your email address for nefarious purposes!)

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One Response to Show some love for The Shaft Podcast!

  1. Teddanator says:

    thanks astra! ❤


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