The Minecraft Scribe joins the staff of The Shaft!

Late on Monday evening, I was just minding my own business, when I was surprised by a Direct Message on Twitter from The Shaft’s Brent Copeland, asking if I was free to join him and Eric Fullerton in a Skype call… No further information was given, but I was definitely intrigued by the cloak-and-dagger atmosphere 😉

About fifteen minutes or so later, I found out what was going on: Brent and Eric asked if I would be willing to help out with the production of The Shaft, hunting down items for Minecraft Daily and Sightings, and sifting through the welter of submissions for Excavation Station!

Well, the title of this blog post pretty much gives it away; I jumped at the opportunity, and was flattered and honoured that they asked me 😀 Once again, they told me that they really enjoyed the blog, and felt that I would be a good fit for the role… So, does this make me a co-editor? 😀

The Shaft - now with added Minecraft Scribe!

The Shaft - now with added Minecraft Scribe!

Now, I won’t be appearing on the show every week to handle those segments – I’ll just be sourcing stuff for our intrepid hosts to talk about – though Eric and Brent did discuss possibilities where I could record a segment to go out each week 🙂 We’ll see what happens – probably depending on how good a job I do with the initial assignment 🙂

I’m really excited about working for The Shaft, and I hope to do them proud!

[Er… a quick note: Since I’ve been granted access to the show’s Google Docs, any stuff you want to send to The Shaft should still be sent to them, via the usual avenues of communication. That said, anything you want to send to me to cover on the blog may well end up on The Shaft – unless you specify otherwise, of course…]

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4 Responses to The Minecraft Scribe joins the staff of The Shaft!

  1. Zettt says:

    Great! British influences, that’s exactly what this Podcast needs! 😀


  2. bsbg says:

    i can’t wait. 🙂


  3. John Mazz says:

    We need a community push to get the attention of potential guests hosts. The guys have said in the past how hard it is to get noticed by really popular MC celebrities, in order to get them on the show, but if we all band together and focus our efforts, we can cut through the thousands of messages they get and get noticed. The hosts need to use their influence more and encourage listeners to reach out to potential guests hosts, so maybe you can get them to use their popularity for this purpose! I’ve been working on getting the GameChap guys, but there is probably a big list of people that the fans would want on the show!


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