The Return of MinecraftChick!

It seems the lure of Beta 1.8 was too great for MinecraftChick, and so she’s made a return to recording her Misadventures, after a long absence (while she’s been working for Mojang on the Minecon shindig, natch). How does she find the time to do it all? 😀

In the new episode, she not only sports a cool new look for her studio set-up, plus she’s chosen to stop recording in black-and-white for her asides to the camera, but she’s got herself a lofty, yet potentially perilous goal: to find and kill one of the new Endermen… (f/x: dramatic music) Will she succeed?

MinecraftChick is back!

MinecraftChick is back with an all-new misadventure... and by the look of things, she's ready to punch the Endermen straight between their weird, glowy eyes... Good luck with that one...

I don’t always have the time to watch “Let’s Play” videos, but MinecraftChick is someone I try to make time for, and I think she’s come back in fine style. The new look is great, and while I did enjoy the black-and-white sections myself in the older vids, I’m perfectly happy with her stylistic change – the way that MinecraftChick presents these breaks in the action means that she doesn’t need to highlight the break with a colour change.

As for the action itself, MinecraftChick doesn’t disappoint – even though she’s not had any opportunities to go adventuring in Minecraft’s blocky landscape, she’s not become rusty during her hiatus, which is a plus considering her desire to take on the newest Minecraft mob… 😀

Hopefully, we’ll see more from MinecraftChick in the not-too-distant future – that is, if she can escape the watchful eyes of the Mojang team for long enough to be able to record, edit and upload… Welcome back, MinecraftChick! 😀

(P.S.: Psst – hold onto that rotten flesh, MCC. Your wolves will love it, apparently :))

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One Response to The Return of MinecraftChick!

  1. Mark,

    You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much. This totally made my day when I woke up and read it. Especially the part about how you try to make time to watch my stuff. Big smile! *hugs*

    ~ MCC


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