The Shaft Awards: Roll out the red carpet…

Although it is rather tentative (considering it’s just two episodes away), the guys from The Shaft announced on their site’s shiny new blog page that Episode 50 is being set up to have them presenting The Shaft Awards!

These prestigious1 awards provide the opportunity for Wes, Eric and Brent to look back over the past year at “the best of the best of what’s been on The Shaft, and in the community”. At present, there are ten categories – and you can feel free to submit more categories, if you wish3:

  • Best Guest
  • Best Excavation Station Idea
  • Best Minecraft Video
  • Best Poop Block Idea, concept mod plugin, etc.4
  • Best Let’s Play Video
  • Best Minecraft Moment (examples supplied: E3; PAX; your favourite patch)
  • Best Minecraft-Related Tweet (bit of an odd one, this… IMHO)
  • Best Sponsorship Message
  • Best Audible Book Recommendation (no comment!)
  • Best Minecraft Creation

I have a sneaking suspicion as to who would run away with the “Best Guest” award (and voted in that direction myself5) 🙂

So, get out your tuxedos or best frocks6, polish up your acceptance speeches, and – just in case – practice trying to look pleased if you get passed over for someone else! Can’t quite get past the “grimace” stage, myself… 😉

Me preparing to 'appear' at The Shaft Awards.

Me preparing to 'appear' at The Shaft Awards. How do I look? 😉 (Picture credit: Miss_Evils)

1 Well, I’m assuming they’re prestigious, but come on, The Shaft is the number-one Minecraft podcast… What more do you want – blood?2
Erm… don’t answer that.
“Best Snort in an Episode”? 😉
They had to go there… >.<
No, I don’t mean me. What kind of ego do you think I’ve got? 😛
… and remember to accessorise, dahlings, accessorise

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