WelshPixie: "Want You Banned"… and my role as a griefer…

Back in mid-August, I was rather stunned to get an email from my good friend (and EFX3 blog-site owner) WelshPixie, asking me if I’d be willing to write a parody of the Portal 2 end song, “Want You Gone”… She’d been having a lot of requests for one, and she felt that I’d be up to the task 😀

Well, I was flattered that she thought so highly of my lyric-writing abilities – and it’d be the first time my parody lyrics would be recorded… yay! So, I hopped onto YouTube, found the song, and tried to figure something out… and it just evolved into a song about wanting a griefer banned from Pixie’s favourite server. Pix loved the results, and so got into full swing with preparations to make the song. Until The Dreaded Floo kicked in, putting Pix out of action for a few weeks! 😦 It also gave Pixie and I some time to dangle carrots to our friends on Twitter about “sekritly sekrit stuffs”… (cue evil laughter). Meanwhile, I made a few suggestions to Pix about scenes which could be used in the video to match up to the lyrics, and just about everything got through – cool! 😀

It wasn’t too long before Pix shook off the lurgi, and we were back in action again. Pix invited me to build the set for the music video, which was a bit of a surprise… but then she is a very busy Pixie! 🙂 So, she brought me over to Minecraft Workbench’s new Chunk Error server – and promptly told me that WorldEdit wasn’t available! At this rate, it would take me hours! One quick brainwave later (along with permission from Pixie to spread the secret a little), and I’d enlisted my very good friend, Kristal Crow (thecrystalcrow) to help out – right before springing the same “no WorldEdit!” surprise on her that Pixie sprang on me… 😉

Undeterred, Kristal got to work on the castle, while I made the sign for the second verse – a none-too-subtle take on my line “And then I saw the error of my ways…”:

"STOP GRIEFING!" sign from the "Want You Banned" video.

Subtle as a brick, that's me.

When I was done, I headed over to Kristal to see what she was up to – and was blown away, even with just the floor plans done… she was going for broke on the castle design! (Kristal’s rationale: If you’re going to be blowing up this castle, Mark, it’s going to be worth blowing up!)

Master Builder Kristal Crow, admiring her handiwork (and rightly so, IMHO).

Master Builder Kristal Crow, admiring her handiwork (and rightly so, IMHO).

Oh… did I mention that I was going to be playing the part of the thieving griefer? (more evil chuckling)

So, under Kristal’s expert direction, I assisted her building, and by the end of it, we had this:

Kristal Crow's grand design for the castle. Shame it was going to be blown to smithereens...

Kristal Crow's grand design for the castle. Shame it was going to be blown to smithereens...

The interior of Kristal's castle.

The interior of Kristal's castle. Admittedly basic, but we needed it to be reasonably clear, so that it didn't detract from me playing my role as The Griefer.

Three words: Kristal. Is. Awesome 😀 (Minecrap SMP players who have seen Kristal’s “Crow’s Nest” will know this already, of course…)

We briefly dragged Pix away from her work so that we could show off our handiwork – and she loved it! So, with that out of the way, we adjourned until today, ready for the filming…

Incidentally, there had been some complications when my username was recognised by some of the players on Chunk Error, and when asked what I was doing on the server, I ended up saying that I was “checking out the server for the blog” (which wasn’t technically lying, considering the post you’re now reading ;)).

When we all got into Skype and onto Chunk Error today, it was decided that Kristal would actually star as the besieged character in the song, so that Pix could do the filming – which was great, because both of us could be in the music video (and I gleefully jumped at the chance to blow up TNT under Kristal’s feet…) 😀

Kristal in front of her ruined castle.

Kristal, in front of her beautiful castle, ruined by The Griefer... You monster.

It was also the first time that I’d had a decent chance to talk with Pixie at length via Skype – our first encounter on there, some months ago, was all-too-brief. The three of us had a great time putting the video together, even though someone kept messing up their part! (*cough*)

A better look at the results of my destruction.

A better look at the results of my destruction.

Then, with Kristal and I independently monitoring Twitter, we were both rather stunned to see that Pixie had completed editing (she’d told us, during filming, that she’d probably get to it later in the day), and it was uploading to YouTube! 😀 Less than 40 minutes later, it was up – and Pixie did a great job putting it all together! 😀

You can see my second griefing session1 here, backed by Pixie singing my lyrics … and I could get used to this griefing lark… (kidding, I’m kidding!)

Thanks ever so much to WelshPixie for giving me the opportunity to not only write the words, but star in, and be “Assistant Director” on, the music video! Thanks also to Kristal Crow for helping out at pretty much the last moment! You can find Kristal on Twitter, as well as read her delightfully humorous blog (not all Minecraft-related, either) by clicking this link here 🙂

UPDATE: Kristal has blogged about the construction and shoot from her perspective, and it’s a joy to read! Go check out “So You Wanna Be a Rockstar?”, by clicking this link right… here 😀 (Ooh, quick note: it’s a little NSFW in places.)

1 The first, of course, being as The Astra on Pretzelcast’s Survival Island series…

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2 Responses to WelshPixie: "Want You Banned"… and my role as a griefer…

  1. WelshPixie says:


    It was really fun. Thanks so much for writing the lyrics for me, and especially for building the set. I love how it came out. And working with you both for the video was so much fun 😀

    Yay! *hugs*


  2. Amunds_hyttevenn says:

    … I dont really have to say somthing do i?
    Except….. lier! i at least got the sign of ur name!
    But um … It will get lost in 1.8 so maybe…. U could (harks) come and make a new 1 xD
    Nah im fine i got an f2 of u so.
    Nice meeting you tho.


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