J!NX Contest 2 Winners! (Special Guest Judge: WelshPixie!)

So, my second J!NX contest is finally over, and it’s time to announce the winners! But before I do, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to plough through my forest of entry rules… And secondly, an extra-special thank-you to the lovely WelshPixie, who bravely agreed to take on the judging in place of myself at the very last minute!

There weren’t any disqualifications, I’m pleased and relieved to note, so all 24 entries made it through. Well, except this one, submitted by Kristal Crow – but then she submitted it as a joke entry anyway, as the strikethroughs (necessary to the joke) wouldn’t work if you really planned to use them on Twitter! 😀

Lego for...Create awesomeExplore worldsBattle..Sandbox gamingPVE/PVP...Logic circuitryTransportation…Die in explosions. A LOT.

Anyway, without further ado, on to the winners! Quick note, incidentally: WelshPixie wasn’t supplied with the names, to avoid any accusations of bias – so she has no idea whom she voted for 🙂

Winner #1: Riltend

Build whatever you want, explore a randomly generated world, dig for diamonds and ride pigs! It also has a lot of fan-made mods! Its awesome

WelshPixie said: “Covers some of the best things about Minecraft along with the quirky side of the game. Mentions mods and fans, which I think lends strongly to the MC community and deserves mentioning in any brief summary of the game.”

Winner #2: Stu P

The infinite LEGO bucket that you always wanted, with all the things trying to kill you you don’t. Survive, upgrade, fight, and thrive.

WelshPixie’s comments: “Well written and succinct, explaining the nature of the game without going into specific detail.”

Winner #3: Brent Copeland

After 6 years of raiding, you are lacking in friends.  Play minecraft.  You’ll make friends.  And oh yeah.. No DKP system.  Word.

WelshPixie: “Got a chuckle out of this one – but more than that, I like it because in its own way it describes the fantastic and friendly community that is Minecraft.”

Winner #4: George Edwards

Minecraft: sandbox, zombies, skeletons, green phallic monsters exploding, fire and hell also NOTCH and the rest of the Minecraft community!!

WelshPixie: “Who doesn’t like green phallic exploding monsters? 😛 But seriously – manages to fit in a tonne of info about minecraft in a short space. Nicely done.”

Winner #5: Nathan Ramsey

In an infinite world, you build anything that can be processed by your puny imagination. You Will die.

WelshPixie: “It’s a movie intro. One man… Wins a Jinx contest… I think the ‘puny imagination’ really helps convey the notion that one large aspect of Minecraft demands a lot of creativity; and that’s one of my favourite things about the game.”

So there you have it: The Pixie has spoken! Congratulations to all of the winners, and I’ll be digging out the email addresses so that the codes can be winging their way to you!

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2 Responses to J!NX Contest 2 Winners! (Special Guest Judge: WelshPixie!)

  1. Mofman says:

    Yay, I won. Keep up the good work Astra, you to WP.


  2. Riltend says:

    I’m #1?! 😮 I was exited enough by the fact I won one of the codes!
    Thanks for your comment WelshPixie and thanks for the contest, Astra! ^^
    It was fun to let my creativity go wild.

    (I wanted to add more, but I managed to cut it in exactly 140 characs :D)


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