Albarel's Minecraft VANILLA Challenge!

Ron Smalec, aka Albarel, has become known for creating inventive adventure maps, in the “Albarel Rising” collection – including Minecraft Superheroes, Minecraft CLUE and Garfield Digs In (to Minecraft). And when he’s not crafting his own masterpieces for those jaded by regular Minecraft, he’s often taking a good, hard look at other people’s adventure maps… talk about dedicated!

Well, Ron’s decided to hold a competition that will put any map-maker to quite a test: Entrants must make an adventure map completely from scratch, using no mods in its construction! No spawning of items or use of INVedit, either. What’s more, you’ve got to make the map while you’re in at least Easy mode… And you thought my J!NX Contest 2 was tricky! 😉

Think you’re up to the challenge? If so, head on over to Albarel’s post at Minecraft Forums about the contest rules… I’ve asked Albarel, and he says there’s going to be a prize – he’s just not quite decided yet (I’ll update this blog post when I find out what it is :D).

You have until Tuesday 1 November to complete and submit your maps – so get cracking!

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One Response to Albarel's Minecraft VANILLA Challenge!

  1. Rsmalec says:

    Thanks a ton Mr. Scribe. The first announced prize is an Albarel Rising premium TShirt from Cafe Press, but I have some other ideas in mind including something special from MineCOn.


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