Minecraft Mondays: The Yogscast Interview

It’s been hardly any time at all since the much-anticipated return of BebopVox’s excellent Minecraft Mondays show (welcome back! :D), but he secured an interview with two of the best-known names in the Minecraft community: Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast!

BebopVox, Simon and Lewis take time out from the frenetic pace of Gamescom 2011 to talk about Minecraft in general, their fans in particular, and the other games they play outside of Minecraft – as well as their two-hour meeting with Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan… though it turns out that Lewis pretty much turned the meeting into a protracted rant about how Minecraft should be improved! 😉 The interview is both informative and funny, and it’s well worth checking out – along with the outtakes, too 🙂

Yosgcast's Simon and Lewis sit down for a chat with Minecraft Mondays' BebopVox.

The Yogscast's Simon (left) and Lewis (centre) sit down with BebopVox (right) for an in-depth interview. Many, many Jaffa Cakes were harmed in the making of the video. (Picture Credit: screengrab from BebopVox's video on YouTube.)

What comes over most of all in the interview is Simon and Lewis’ down-to-earth attitude, and that’s certainly helped to create not only a great friendship with each other, but also a genuine affection for, and appreciation of, their fans. In addition, they reveal their strong working relationships with other creative members of the community, such as the modders whose work was personally selected by Lewis for inclusion in the YogBox. In return for such close interaction with these modders, Simon and Lewis share a portion of their proceeds, and give an extra boost to the modders’ visibility within the community – and even going as far as to assist with securing copyright for people they work with.

For me, the video certainly adds extra depth to Simon and Lewis’ characters, and they’ve definitely gone up in my estimation since watching the interview 😀 If you’ve not already done so, go take a look!

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