J!NX Contest 2!

OK, it’s time to give away another five $15 J!NX Gift Codes, but this time, it’s going to be an actual contest, rather than a random giveaway. Tremble in your boots, mortals! 😉

The Set-up

You’ve just been tweeted by a gamer friend of yours who’s been given a Minecraft gift code – and amazingly, he’s never heard of the game! (I know, right?) He could have gone online and looked up stuff for himself, but “dude, I’ve got a raid in 30 minutes…” and he knows you play.

The Challenge

Explain Minecraft to your lazy gamer friend – in a single, standard tweet (140 characters). You don’t necessarily have to try to say that it’s better than any specific game or genre – just try to convince him, somehow, that it’s worth taking the time to redeem that Minecraft gift code. He trusts your opinion 🙂 And let’s assume that he’s at least familiar with every other game and genre on Windows released during the last five years or so (oh hush, you myriad Mac and Linux users – it’s just a hypothetical situation! :)).

Oh, if you’re not a user of Twitter, fear not – I’ve hunted down an online-based character counter for you to use as a sandbox. Type in your minimum opus, click the “count me” button, and you’ll soon know the hard truth. Of course, if you do use Twitter or a client, they usually automatically count the number of characters used, and then you can copy and paste it (but see the second “You MUST” rule, as well).

You CAN:

  • Abbreviate, use bad spelling or grammar and even skip punctuation – so long as it makes sense to me your gamer friend, you’re good. And if you need to mention “Minecraft” itself, you’re welcome to abbreviate to “MC”;
  • Use the whole 140 characters – that is, you don’t have to use some random @name (I know, I’m so generous that way…);
  • Enter this contest wherever you are in the world. The J!NX codes are universal (this was checked during the previous giveaway);
  • Enter this contest if you were a winner from the last J!NX giveaway I did. The rule I was given by those nice people at J!NX is that a person can only win one code per contest;
  • Enter more than once (up to a maximum of 10 times) – but again, you’ll only win a maximum of one (1, uno, eins, un) gift code. If you feel like bundling up several entries into a single email, that’s fine (make sure there’s a blank line or something between entries, though so I can tell what’s going on). But that doesn’t mean you can combine those multiple entries to get around the 140-character limit – I’ll nuke ALL of those entries!


  • Use more than the allotted 140 characters. And yes, I will check every single entry. I’ve got to put my mild OCD to good use!
  • Include links.
  • Use bad language – although I do link to stuff which is NSFW in my blog articles, I generally try to avoid using it myself on here (though goodness knows I do swear, amirite?). But you can use symbols (like “@$%!*”)1, or alternative words, like “shizz” or “sock-cooking rubberchucker” 😉 And I want to put the winning entries on the site, you know?
  • Bribe me. No, seriously, I mean it. Even if it’s stuff I really, really want.

Break any of these rules, and that entry will be disqualified. Note that only that entry will be disqualified – if you’ve got other entries, or you’ve realised too late that you made a boo-boo with the one you emailed (and therefore re-submit with a correction), you can relax. They’ll still be valid.


  • Either like Minecraftopia on Facebook, or sign up for their email newsletter – and the Minecraftopia website has links where you can do either of these (take some time to look around, too – it’s a great site!). Doing both won’t increase your chances of winning. Of course, if you were an entrant in the previous contest and did either step then, you’re already ahead of the game. And if you’re doing multiple entries, you only need to do this step once;
  • Send your entries via EMAIL! Use the “Email me!” link at the top of any page on this site to do it (it’s at the bottom of the banner) – and please indicate, somewhere in the email or subject, that it’s a contest entry. OK, I won’t actually disqualify you if you send in your entry via the comments (on this post only), but the reason I’m asking for email versions is so that no one else can see your entry, steal it, and improve on it. I’m trying to protect you, dear readers, not me. (Oh, and definitely no entries via Twitter or any other method, please – I will disqualify any entries sent in via other means. Boundaries, people, boundaries!)
  • Enter on or before 11.59pm Eastern on Tuesday 30 August. So that’s 8.59pm Pacific, 10.59pm Central, 4.59am on Wed 31 Aug for the UK – I’ll let you guys work out the rest, if you’re in another country.

Make it informative, make it funny, make it imaginative – I’ll be judging the entries on Wednesday 31 August, and write up a blog post listing the five lucky winners later that day. That said, if by some amazing fluke, I end up utterly swamped with entries (especially since multiple entries are permitted), it’ll take longer – and if that happens, I will notify you via an update post as to what’s going on.

Good luck, and get your diamond thinking helmets on!

1 UNLESS the symbols are used in such a way which resembles the word you’re “concealing”… *wags finger*

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