Spawned of boredom…

A few weeks ago, there was a brief discussion in The Shaft’s chat room about having a Minecraft fanfic on – and Coestar said that he’d read one with me, if there was one out there worth doing…

Now, I’m not sure if Coe was joking or not, but the other night, I was bored out of my tiny mind (as has often been the case lately), and my thoughts wandered to the possibility of doing some sort of long-form fanfic. Even if it didn’t actually make it onto Audible, I could still potentially have fun writing it! Completing it would be the tricky bit…

With words starting to buzz around my head, I knew I had to start something, and so I’ve written Chapter One of the as-yet untitled book. So far, I have no idea where I’m going with it, and what form it should take:

  • One long story, divided into chapters;
  • A series of disconnected short stories; or
  • A series of short stories with an “arc”

I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along! Anyway, here’s Chapter One – and although I’m retaining copyright, you’re welcome to download and print out the stuff as I write it. No guarantees, however, that the thing will be completed!

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