More on your plate…

(Note: Although the first part of this article is factual – with links as usual to prove it, of course – the remainder is wild speculation… I’ll be sure to let you know when that part comes in.)

Chef Jeb has been busy in the kitchen of late, bringing us new foodstuffs in Minecraft, as indicated by this tweet:

Some Minecraft food changes…

Clicking that link takes you to this picture:

Pork and beef in Minecraft.

So now we're getting beef in Minecraft? Are we still getting chicken, too?

… and I mistakenly thought that the second one along was chicken (because Jeb’s talked about that before, and showed off graphics for it). But no – as Jeb’s follow-up tweet to deadmau5 indicates:

@deadmau5 Nope, just new gfx for cooked pork and added cow meat + steak

(As you’ll see if you click the “follow-up tweet” link, deadmau5 had asked if the graphics were of meat which was rare, medium and well done.)

But there’s something else in that pic, which a few people spotted (without commenting about the new meat type): meat is now stackable! Now, I’d been hoping for this for some time, but I think the reasoning behind stackable food relates to the hunger meter…

Remember that?

Oh, hang on, I did promise, didn’t I?

Wild Speculation BannerI’m inclined to suspect that food is now stackable because of that hunger meter. As my good friend alefnull has said previously, if food was stackable under the present system, it’s pretty much game-breaking. But with the hunger meter, food is probably not going to heal you any more… which is pretty sensible really, because in real life, food by itself doesn’t heal you (OK, so chicken soup’s debatable, but we don’t yet have that in Minecraft). However, the lack of food can be harmful to your health…

So if it is the case that food now only replenishes the hunger meter, I’d like to see potions for instant healing, and perhaps bandages and bed-rest for an alternative if potions aren’t readily to hand.

One final thing: I did ask Jeb for a wok and chopsticks in Minecraft. Well, you’ve gotta try, haven’t you? 😉

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