Minecraft – Pocket Edition out now for Xperia Play!

After much waiting by Sony Xperia Play owners (however few they may be), Minecraft Pocket Edition has finally surfaced for their device! Turns out that Jeb had let the news slip yesterday *slap wristies*, but whatever… Now you Sony owners can, at last, shell out your $6.99 (approx.) and get your hands on version 0.1!

Notch, proudly showing off Minecraft - Pocket Edition running on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Sony never *did* send me one of those things for review. The swines.

According to Carl’s blog post, this first edition will focus on the creative side of Minecraft – which suggests that all the mobs, or at least most of them, will be surfacing in later releases. Only 36 blocks are available in this version, but that should also increase as time passes. You’ll also be able to play alongside your friends, with local multiplayer (if you happen to have friends with the devices as well), so you can build together. And you can save your worlds to your own phone, so you can carry on building after you get off the train and get to work… or… whenever you choose to play 😉

As originally pointed out when the news of Minecraft – Pocket Edition first surfaced, the title will be exclusive to the Xperia Play to begin with (the length of the “limited time” is not stated “another one to two months” according to Daniel), and then will make its way to other Android-based devices after that.

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